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A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, a-frame, a-rat-tat-beadle, aggie, AIDS ball, All in together girls, all-ee, all-ee, all in free, alley, alley bomper, alley hockey, alley-Over, already, angel raper, arrived, Atchi Katchi


baggin, ball-bag, bollock-bag, bargies, barley's, belfast, bell-fast, bidgeebuckles, biscuit, blind man's bluff, blocky, blockie 1-2-3, bloody knuckles, bobberknocker, bobo see-oughten-taughten, bomber, bomper, bone-head, bonker, bosher, bottle-washer, botty-blasts, brandings, brandy, british bulldog, british bulldog (variant), bubble gum, bubble gum, budge, bugsy, bullrush, bumps, bus driver, busta, buster, button button


52 card pickup, cancer foot, cartwheels, casey, catch a girl, freak a girl, cats cradle, cherry picking, chicken, chicken scratch, china, chinese haircut, chug-a-lug, cocky-ollie, coffin (the...), conkers, constancy, crazy-daisy, crease, crease leave, creemies, creamies, crocodile, crocodile, cuppies, curbs


death square, decker, dobby, dodgeball, doors, double dutch, down by the river, duck-duck-goose game, dungeons, dustmans knock


emperor, engine engine number nine


fainites barley, fainting game, five stones, fleas, fleas-inject, fly goalie, fo, fo, fo for devalera, fobber, follow the band all the way, foot cricket, forty-forty, freckles, french cricket, french elastic, fudge, fursies


get down mister president, ghetto soccer, goal-hanging, goalie-when, goalie-rush, goat shagging virgin killers from the depths of hell, goomer, green arses, grimble, grog pit, grovel


hacky-pinky, hares and hounds, hatch, headers and volleys, hedgehop, hedgehopping, hide and seek, hide o', high jimmy knacker, hikey-dikey, hooky-bob (to ... ), hopscotch, hot bottle, Hot Rice, hot snot and bogie pie, hunt the cunt


ibble obble, Inki pinki ponki, Ip Dip ...


k.i.s.s.i.n.g., keeps (play for...), keepsies, kerbie, kicker, king, King of the Mountain, Kingey, kingey, kingo, kirby, kiss-chase, knacker ball, knicker-chase, knifey, knock and nash, knock and run, knock down ginger, knock out wembley, knock out wem, knuckles


'lastics, l-shape football, last man stand, luggin


maim ball, man-hunt, Marble Arch (The... ), marbles, marbles (more types), mercy, mexican handball, mini-minehaha, mob, monkey bar fight, monkey grip, monkey rush, monkey tails, mumblypeg, Murder ball, murder ball, my mother and your mother were hanging up clothes


N.B.O.J.I.C., negga, nervous, nicky-knocky-nine-doors, non-stop cricket


obs, off ground touch, ollie, ollie oxenfree, on, one bounce beats, one hand one bounce, onkers, orange balls, order in the court


p.o.l.o., pat-ball, pax, paxies, peanuts, peg leg, piggy-back fight, pile-on, piley-on, pinch-punch, polo, popmatic, postmans knock, prisoner ball, punch buggy, pussy-in-the-corner




raps, rapsies, reals, (play for... ), red rover, red-arse, releasies, relievo, rollerball, root, rubber match, rugeley, runno


scabs/scabby queen, scabby bitches, scavvy queen, scramble goalie, sea of legs, sex lord, shoes, shred, silence, silver dolphin, sitting ducks, skeleton goalie, skinchies, slaps, slapsies, slapps, slaughterball, Slaughterhouse, smear the queer, smear-the-queer, smiling slut, snooch, snowbird, soggy biscuit, space invaders, spazmerrack, spear the queer, spider goalie, spidermonkey, spin the bottle, spit(2), spitfires and messerschmitts, split the kipper, spooner, spot, spot keeper, spot goalie, spuds, squibs, squibsies, squibsy, stacks on, pile up, stall, stamp out, stamps, stampsies, steely, stick goalie, strip jack naked, stuck in the mud, Sweetheart


tag, tig, tip, taps, taws, tenner, thax, THE LAST SENTENCE IS NOT CORRECT, three and in, thugby, tibs, tick-off-ground, tidy, tig, tiggy, tin-can-through-the-legs, killer can (in London area), tingle tangle, tipsies, tits, torture, slapsies, knuckles, townie, truck fuck, truth-or-dare, tunnel of death, turd burp, turnips, twat waffle, twixies


viking football


wall ball game, walley, wankspanner, war, wasp shit, wembley, what's the time Mr. Wolf?, whistle for Your nipple, world cup, worm burner, worm burner