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2/6 heave, 4/6 heave, 69 (sixty-nine), 4:20, 182, 404, 429, 666


... as nick, a. o. t., A.B.C., a.c.a.b., A.C.E., a gaans, a into g, ABC, Aberdeen on a Flag Day (like ...), abigail, ab, ac/dc, aced, ace, acid drops, acid head, acid house, acid, acker, ackrite, acrobrat, act dumb, Adams Ale, ads, aerated, aerial ping pong, aeroplane blonde, afro, afters, afties, afty, aggots, agates, aggro, ag, Ah'mer! I'm telling off you., ai'ight, air (... space), air biscuit, air Wear, airey, airhead, airy fairy, aiya, al'arse, aul'arse, auldarse, allarse, all in, all in, captains calling, all mouth and trousers, all that, all the way, allie, alvida, ambo, anal amigo, anal assassin, anal blowage, anal crusader, analingus, anal, anchor(s), andrea, andy french factor, andymac, angie, ankle biters, anklebiter, anorak, antec sohigh, ants in the pants, antwacky, anything man, apeshit, apparatus, apple catchers, apple polisher, ardilez, arley, arlez, arley-barley, arm freezer, arms, arr!, arris, arse-about-face, arse bandit, arse-hole, arse jockey, arse-kisser, arse licker, arse-over-elbow, arse-over-head, arse-over-tit, arsehole like a clowns pocket, ... like a wizards cuff., arsenuts, arseways, art pamphlets, arty farty, arvo, ask me bollux/me arse!, ass-over-tea-kettle, ass-pirate, ass raider, ass-ranger, ass-wipe, asshat, asshole, assmaster, assmuncher, astronot, auntie, auntie nora, aussie kiss, aussie salute, avvy, axe-wound, axe, ax


B.F.E., b.i.t.c.h., ba'bag, bab-ie, baby boomers, backage, backer, backshot, backy, bacon bunch, bacon sarnie, bacon strip, badger, badger gassing, badger's arse, badly packed kebab, badmouthing, badong, bad, bag-head, bag of ham (open a... ), bag of spanners (a face like ...), bag person (... man, ... woman), bagel bumper, baggat, bagger, bagie, Bagpuss, bagpuss, bags, bagsey, bags, bag, bail, bain, bait, baldy slap, ball hopper, balla, baller, balley's, ballistic (to go ...), balloon knot, balls, bampot, bamp, bam, bananas, bang like a shithouse door, bangers, bangin', bang, banjo-string, banjo, bank, banners, baps, bap, bar code, bareback riding, bare, barf, barking spider, barney, barney cut, barry, bars, barsies, barse, bary, bases, base, bashi, bash, basket case, batter, batts, batty fat woman shop, batty man, batty boy, bat, baw-face, baw-heid, baws, bazzed up, beacon, beak, beam, beaming, bean counter, bean flicker, beaner, beanio, beano, bear in the air, bear traps, bearded clam, beard, bear, beasty, beast, beat it, beat the bishop, beat the meat, beats, beat, beaut, beaver, beaver leaver, bebby food, bee stings, beeb, beef curtains, beef injection (hot ...), beefer, beer coat, beer compass, beer goggles, beer monkeys, beer scooter, beetle crushers, beetle's bonnet, bejezus, bell end, bell-end, bell-ender, bella swella, belly up, belm, bender, benny, bendy herman, benjamin, benker, benno, benson, benny woman, benny, benson, benson (2), bent, beppo, bep, berk, berty dastard, besties, betty, bfd, BFW, big fuckin whoopee, bhang, biatch, bible basher, biff (2), biffa (2), biffa, biff, bifter, big chief reefer, big head, big-ups, Big W, biggins, biggs, bike (town ...), billo, billy buttons, billy, binderfender, binlid, binned, binner, binnie, bint, bin, biots, bird (flipping the ...), bird, birmo's, burmo's, birthday bumps, biscuit, bish, bitch (2), bitch kitty, bitchbastard, bitchin, bitchin, bitchen, bitchmonkey, bitchsplitter, bitch, bite it, bite yer bum, bits, bitz, bizzies, black hole bill, black mariah, black shoe, blackadder, blacking, blacking out, bladdered, blad, blagger, blag, blakes, blakey, blank face, blanked


c'am, c-hair, cunt hair, Cabbage Looking (not so green as you're ...), cack-handed, cacker, cackersarnie, cack, cadbury, Cadburys Craver, caffle, cain hill, cak, cack, cacky, kak, cakehole, call the wambulance, camaro cut, came up on the down train? (you think I... ), camels hoof, camel toe, camp site, camping, camping (to go ...), camp, cancer stick, cane, caner, caning, caner, Cane, cankle, canny, canuk, carpet licker, carpet muncher, carrot top, carter coiff, casual, cat's on the roof, cat moves, cat skills, catalogue shopper, catch-22, caterpillar, cats prick, cats pyjamas, cats whisker, cattled, cat, cavalier, cavin, cav, CBS, celly, CFM's, CFM boots, Cha-BING, chach, chad, chailey, chainey, chairing, chalk, to, champion, chan, chappie, charlie's dead, charlie, charlie chester, charlie, half-charley, charver, Chava, chat-up, chat, chav, chavvy, chavel, cheapie, cheat sheet, check the oil level, checks, cheddar, cheebah, chebe-ah, cheebahz, cheekpulls, cheeky, cheeky monkey, cheeky-sweat, cheese it, cheesing, cheesinmorgancredit, chelp, chelping, cherny, cherry, cherry picker, chi-mo, chi-mobile, chicken, chicken eyebrow, chicken head, chicken run, chicken scratch, chickenhead, chico, chidismo, chief, chigga, chigger, chikky munky, chillin', chilly bin, chimbo, chin-chin chin, chin-ho, china, chinder, chinease finger, chinese backage, chinese burn, chinese football, chinese frontage, chinnage, chinny reck-on, oh chinny, chinny bill, chipper, chippy, choad, chode, choda, choccy, chocha, chock, chocker, chocolate donut maker, chocolate hostage, chocolate speedway, chocolate starfish, choccy starfish, choc, CHODA, Chodon Idli, chod, chog, choice, choke the chicken, chokey chicken, chokker, chokker, choller, chomps, chonch, chook feeder, chook, chopper, chops, chore, chossy, chowie, christening, chronic, chubby (to give a ...), chubby, chub, chuck (2), chuck a mental, chuck a willy, chuckin' a sausage down an alley, chuck, chud, chuddy, chuffy, chud nuts, chuddies, chuddle, chuddy, chuffed, chuffy badge (do you want a ...), chuff, chug nut, chugnuts, chum, chum boy, chummer, chummy, chummer, chumping, chum, chunder, chung, chunky, chutney ferret, chutty, circle jerk, cirq, clacker, clacker (stuff it up your ...), clacker valve, clacks, clackers, klax, clag nuts, claggy, Clair, clamped, clam, clanking (... for it), clarty, class, clatty, clay class, clean, cleggs, cleg, clements, clemmie, clicker, clinker, clink, clip, clipped, clip a steamer, clockwork orange, clod, clogsies, clotheshorse, clownin’, clue me in, clunt


d'oh, da'ass cock, Daaaaave, dags, dag, dairy, dairies, dak lap, daks, dak, damn deal, dancing dollies, danger wank, dangleberries, dangler, dang, dank, dapadan, dappy, dippy, daps, dap, darers go first, darrot, dartboard, darty, dateless and desperate, dawg, day-bugs, day-go, deacon, dead leg, dead, deck, dee-bee, dee-bo, deefer, deek, deeks, dekko, defo, double damn defo, deke, dela, delhi-belly, demic, demon eater, derbenny, derbrain, derf, derk, dernerd, derro, dert der der ders, desert dockers, desert wellies, desexing the tie, dess, deutz, diamond back, dibber-dobber, dibble, dibs, dicey, dick balloon, dick cheese, dick eye, dick off, dick skinner, dickhead, dickie dora, dickie head, dickies, dicksplash, dickstring, dickup, dickwad, dickweed, dick, diddley, diddly squat, diesel, digby, digits, dildo, dill-hole, dillio, dime, dyme, dimepiece, dimmock, ding-bat, dingbat, dingers, dingie, dingle, dingle berry, ding, dinkum, dinky, dink, dinky-di, dink, dinlo, dinner grannies, dinosaur egg, dip, dipshit, dip your wick, dipstick, dip, dirk brain, dirk, dirt box, dirt track rider, dirtbag, dirtbox, dirty barry, dirty sanchez, displaying, diss, ditch digger, ditch, ditsy, dit, div, divvy, divot, DMF, dob, dob in, dobber, dockers, dode, dodgy yox, dodgy, dods, dog (2), dog, doggy (3), dog chocolate, dog eggs, dog end, dog pile, doggo, doggy style, dogs are barking, dogs bollocks, dog, doha bunnies, doing a loony, doley, domed, dome, don louie, donald, done, donkey, donkey punch, donk, donnert, donut, doodackie, doofus, dookie, doorknob, doorknot, doosenil, doos, dope hoe, dope, doppa, dopper, dork, dose, doss bag, doss, double bass, double click (... your mouse), douche bag, dough, dougie, duggie, doug, dowdled, down low, do, drain the main vein, drainpipe trousers, drama queen, dresser, drive, drongo, droopy, drop off the cosby kids at the pool, drop the kids off, drop your guts, dropping bottom, drop, DT, dubs, duck's arse, ducks disease, duck, Dude, Get a boner!, dudey, dude, duds, duff (up the ...), duff over, duff up, duff, duh-brain, dullard, dullion, dul-yon, dumbfuck, dumfuk, dum-fuck


E, ecstacy, e.l.f., eating out, eavestrough, edge-of-the-bed-virgin, edgie, ejji, edgy (to keep ...), edna!, eeearrr, eejit, effort, egg bound, egg-in-the-nest, eggy, eh-oh-it, eh, eight ball, eighteen holers, elm, elton, emo, empty head, empty, emzaddie, emzoddie, en-og, endo, english (why is ... so hard?), english as she is spoke, ennit, innit, epitomous gesture, eppy, ernie, ernskernabernaferna, esser, etch-a-sketch, everybody's doing it, evil, extra luggage, exypesh, ex, eye, chai


F.A. Cup, f.h.b., F.M.B.'s, "fuck me boots", F.O.B., fa shizi, fabio, face like a bag of arses, face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, face like a leper licking piss off a thistle, fag, faggot, fag farm, fag tag, faggot, fag, fair dinkum, fairy loop, fairy tree, fair, fall out, fell out, familia, family jewels, fanjita, fanny (2), fanny batter, fanny dicky fit, fanny flaps, fanny parting, fanny-fart, fanny, fanta pants, fark, fart-arse, fart knocker, fart sack, fart, fasho, fash, fass, fassy hole, fat faggot, fat knacker, fat pastie, faynights, fainites, fazebon, feck, fed, feenin, feesham, felch, felching, felt, fencing, ferjackered, ferret, ferret face, fesize, fezzer, field, fierce, fight with lawnmower (had a ...), fighty time, finger, finger (flipping the ...), finger cuffs, finger puppet audition, fingering, fink, fire pie, fireball, fish bits, fish fingers, fish-fanny, fishy fanny, fishy flaps, fish, fit (1), fit (2), fitter and turner, Five by Five, five-finger-discount, five-finger-spread, five-oh, fivestar, flabby labby, flagging, flake off, flake out, flake, flambasted, flamer, flame, flange, flap, flapper, flashed up, flasher, flat out like a lizard drinking, flatties, flea dart, fleabag, fleckie, flee flax a flay flux, fleggy, fleg, flick (give the ...), flid (2), flid, flob race, flob, flop one, flotch, flube tube, fluffer girl, fly, super fly, so fly, ultimate fly, fly fly, fuck'in fly, flying low/solo, foad, fock, focking, foot of our stairs! (Well I'll go to the ...), foo, for coughs and colds, take beechams!, forest ranger, fossie, fother mucker, founder, four-eyes, double-glazing, four on the floor, four-square, Fox smells its own hole, freak, freckle, freddo, free the tadpoles, freestand, freezer time, french kissing, fresh, frigging, frigid, frigmarole, frig, frock, froggie, fronk, front bottom, frontage, fronting, frosty, frothing at the gash, fruit booter, fruit bowl, fruit cake, fruit-cup, FT's, fubar, fuck, fucking, fuck-all, fuck-offs, fuck the dog, dog fucker, fucked, fucked (to be ...), fucked to a fair-thee-well, fuckin' A right, fuckin'A, fucknuckle, fucknut, fuckshitfuckshitfuckshit, fuckstick, fucktard, fuckwit, fudge-monkey, fudge-nudger, fudge-packer, fudge, fud, fuggedaboudit, fugly, full tit, fun bags, funk, fupa, fur burger, furphy, fustercluck, fuzz, fweep


G.O.A.T., gaboon, gadge, gaff, gagger, gallus, gambo, gang-bang, gank, gant-hawk, gantin, garbo, gardener, gary, garys, gary boy, gas bomb, gas pedal, gasbag, gash, gas, gay (2), gay chicken, gaylord, gaybod, gay, geddit, geebun, geeked, geeken, geen, gender bender, genk, geoff (2), geoff, george, germs (2), germs, gerrie and the hat tricks, get (... off with), get jiggy with it, get moded, get wrong, get your swerve on, getten, get, ghetto, ghosties, gib-gib, gibbers, giblets, gid, giggs, gig, gimanchio, gimp (2), gimp, ginge minge, ginger, gingwah, ging, ginnel, ginner, ginny woman, gippo (2), gippo, girlie mags, gism, jizz, jizzum, gitch, gotch, gitty, git, gladly my cross-eyed bear, glaikit, glary, glebe, gleg, glenabbey, gnarly, gnats piss, cat's piss, go commando, go to Barnsley, goat's in the garden (... Eating the grass), gob pit, gobble, gobshite, gobstoppers, gob, god botherer, gofer, goffa, goffers, gogona (take a ...), goit, goyt, gold digger, gold label, golden shower, gollop, gollywog, gomer, gonk, goobs, goody two shoes, good, googiana, gool, gools, glue, gooleys, goolies, goozies, gooooo pelican, gooseberry, goozer, gopping, gordon, Gordon Bennett, gordon bennett, gork, gormless, goss, got your tatties in, gotchie, gouranga, gozzy, go, grab a granny night, grammar puff, grannies/grampas, granny knocking, grass, gravy strokes, grease up, greaser, greasies, greasing the weasel, greb, grebo, greebo, greb, greeny, gremlin, grolly, greeting, greezer, greazer, grem, greyhound, grid, griffage, grifter, grifter (2), grig, grillopad, grill, grimble grumble, grinder, grindle, grips, gripper, grits, grody, grodie, grogan, grog, grolly, gronk, groovy, gross, groth, grotts, grot, grouse, grover, growler, growling at the badger, gruff nut, grundies, grundy (2), grundy, 'undie grundy, grunger, grunt, gub, guff, guh, gumby, gummer, gumpf, gumping, guns, guppy, gussie, guts (dropped your ...), gutted ewok, gwli, gypsy (going for a ...), g


H.A.G.S., hack, hacker, hacket, hack, had on, haddaway and shite, hage, hairy eyeball, hait, hate, half a cuntful, hammered, hammock, ham, hand jive, hand-job, hand-me-downs, hand shandy, handy shandy, hand-to-gland combat, hang five, hang in there, hang up the skates, hanging, happening, harami, hard cunt, hard on (having a ...), hard word, hard, harry monk, harry on the boat, haulin' ass, have it up, have, head 'n shoulders, head, hed, head-hunter, headlights, heave a havana, hecka, heed-the-ball, half-a-heed, heez, heffa, heifer, hella, hellish, 'ellish, helmet, helmet head, henry, hep, hip, herb, herkey, hermit, herny, hershey highway, hesh, heshie, hesher, hesher/hessian, heskey, heteroflexible, high beam, high tailin' it, high, himshe, hiney, heine, heiney, hit or miss (going for a ...), hitler, hittin' the skins, hj'jith, hob, hock a loogey, loogy-hocking, hockle, hockle pit, hoe, hojo mojo, hold your corner, holler, holy ghost, holy, homeboy, homechicken, homework, homewrecker, homie, homie g, homie g slice, homo, hom, honk le dur, honkie, honkin, honkin, honry, honry, hoochi mama, hoof, hook, hawk, hook up, hooker, hookey (playing ...), hook, hoon, hoopie, hoopty, hoor, hoosier, hooters, hopoate spike (the ...), hopoate (doing a ...), hopoffmynuts, hornroom, horny, horney, horse bite, horse cack, horse's hoof, horsey, horse, hoser, hoss, hot carl, hot dog down a hallway (tossing a ...), hottie, how's yer father, how man, man how, how much would you charge to haunt a ten room house?, howay, howfer, howk, howzit, hoy, hughie, hundred, hungro, hungry butt, hungry bum, hunky-dory, hurl, huzz, hydro pole


I've been fitted up (... you nut-job), I could eat horse and chase the rider, I know you are, ice, icicle, icky off, Idgad, IDMT, idst, ike, illywhacker, imbo, in the club, inabit, indian burn, indian fire, indian giver, injectified, innit, Ip dip dog shit, ip dip dog shit, irish boat (You must think I came over on the ...), irish waterfall, is it shite, Is the Pope Catholic?, It's raining on/in/at the *****, it (do ...), itchy beard, itchy boris, itchy, itchoy, Itty Bitty Titty Committee


jaar, jabba, jab, jack baller, jack off, jack shit, jack the biscuit, jackanory, jacker, jacky-jumper, jack, jaffa, jagger, jagoff, jerkoff, jackoff, jag, jake (2), jake, jam sandwich, jamboree bag, jammy, jamoke, jamrag, jandals, janky, jap's eye, jarred (well ...), jarred off, jasper, jawbreakers, jay, jerk-off, jesus boots, jesus creepers, jew, jexx, jib (2), jib, jickie, jickies, Jigaboo, jigger, jigger (2), jimmy hat, jimmy hill, jimmy stinger, jinx, jinxies, jitter, gitter, jizz, jobbey, jobbie, jobbey-jabber, jobbie-jabber, jocelyn, jozlin, jock (2), jock-strap, jock, joey (2), joey, johnny metgod, johnny no stars, johnny, (rubber ...), johnny-popper, john, joint, jonah, joskin, jubbly, jubblie, jubilee, jubey lips, judder bar, juggalo, jugular japeries, jumblies, jubblies, jump Your bones, jungle juice, jungle treatment, junk, jupve


kakit squares, kangaroos in the top paddock (got a few ...), kappa slappa, kappa, kate spade, kecks, kecky rosburg, keener, keep dog, keg-legs, kegels, keggy, kegs, kentucky waterfall, kentucky wrist-watch, kerfuffle, ket, ketts, kevin, kev, keys, kick down, kick rocks, kickin' it, kicks, kidder, kiddo, kidney jab, kier, kif, killad, kilroy, kinder surprise, kinnel, kipper, kirk, kissing teeth, kiwi, kiwiland, kiwi speak collection, klingon, Klingons, knacker, knackered, knackers, knack, knee high to a grasshopper, knee trembler, knicker blast, knickers, knob jockey, knob jockey, knob greaser, knob sack, knob shiner, knob-scratch, knock up, knock your block off, knocked up, knockers, knowledge, knowly, knuckle duster, knuckle sandwich, knuckle shuffle, knuckle-dragger, koomari, krunk, kylie


la, lah, lace, ladgefull, ladgin, lag anyone, lairy, lamp, langer, langered, larapin, lard arse, lard the rails, larry, lash, later, laughing at the grass, lay a line on, leafy, leak (taking a ...), leeg, leff it, leg it, legend, lekker, lekking, lemon, leper, less it!, let off, letch, to, lewinsky (getting a ...), Lez-Be-Friends, libes, lick a dick a day, licky geed, greebe, lick, lidder, like, ling (1), ling (2), lip service, litnoids, little, little winkles, livin' daylights, loaded, loafer, lobs, lob, local yokels, locked, logued, lollygagger, lol, loner, long drop, lonnen, loonie, loons, loopy, loosie, lucy, loot, lops, lost it, losty, louis (1), louis (2), love bite, love-monkey, lowp, lozenge, lucky-bag, lucy, lugs, lughole, lunch-box (open the ...), lunchbag, lung butter, lurgi, lurgy, lush mcgush, lush, luzz


macca, macho test, the, macknah, mad, maggot, maggot (stiff ...), magics, magic mushrooms, magno-knads, main squeeze, major (1), major (2), major, making out, malco, mallet, mallie, mall, mampi, man boobs, man-of-atlantis, mange, manky, manners, man, map-o'-tassie, mard, mardy, marely, maremare, mare, marmite miner, marmite driller, marrer, marsden, mash up, mash, mattress man, maw (yer ...), maxi-gimp, meadow muffin, meat and two veg, meat curtains, meat petite, meaty, meep, meeple, meesh, meffer, meff, mega, meg, meh, mekon, mello, melons, jugs, knobs, honkers, melvin, melvin (2), menage de trois, menkerton, menner, mental, mental mick, mentalist, mentler, mentleist, ment, merkin, metal mouth, metgod, meth, mexicoon, MGB's, mickey, miffed, miff, mild green, fairy liquid (with ...), milf, milk it, millenium domes, minda, ming-ray, ming-rayed, minger, mingey, minge, mingin(...g), mini-mosher, Minkeeah, minkeeah, mink, minstrel, mint, mintox, mont, minter, mitch, mo-ped, moblinked, mockett, mockit, mods, moffie, mofo, moger, moggis, mohican cut, moh, mojo (1), mojo (2), molson muscle, mong, mongchap, mong, mongol, mongoloid, monga, monged, mongolated, mongoose, mong, monkey bars, monkey scrub, mono-brow, monongomona, monorail, mono, mons, monz, moobs, mooch, mooching, mwtch, moomyang, moon pig, moon, moose knuckle, moose, moo, morning glory, morning woodie, moron, morris, mortal, mosher, mosh, motaf, mota, moted, mothers ruin, mo, muckle, mud baby, mud flaps, mudmuncher, muff diving, muffy, muff, mug, mullet, mumbler, munch the trunch, mung rag, munga, mungers, mungous, mung, munted, munter, muntz, munt, mun, muppet, murty, mushroom stamp, mushy, mush, mush, mustache ride, mustangs, mutt's nuts, the, mutton chops, chops, my arse, my big mum, my fur coat, my mummy's chinese, my name's Ben, myout


n.m.c., N.N.S., na', naaarse, naaied, naai, nada, nads, nadgers, NAFF, nag, nailed (getting ...), nails, nairn, nancy boy, nang, nark, narc, nark, nasty, neb, neck blanket, neckback, nectar, neden, nedle-dicked bug fucker, ned, neebless, needham, neek, Nefs, nephs, neg, neishk, nem tudom, nesbit, nettie, nevva, newtons revenge, nice boy, nick, play the nick, nick off, nick, the, nicmo, NCMO, nig, get nigged, nig-nog, nigel, nige, niggy, nimps, nines, nip on, nipper, nipple gripple, nipple cripple, nipple, nipplehead, nippleheid, nish, nits, nitto, nitty nora, nixies, no stranger to the inside of a chip shop (She's...), nob artist, nob jockey, nodder, noddy, noh, nonce, nongy, noogie, nookie, norks, nosher, nosher, nosh, Nosh, nos, nucking futz, nuggy, nugs, nuggs, numb nuts, numnut, numb-nuts, numpty, nurgle, nurk, nut (2), nutjob, nutmeg, nuts, nutt, nuttin(g), nutted, nutter, natter, nut, nvq, gnvq


O'America, off the chain, off the hook, off-yer-face, offy, offie, oggy, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oik, old lady, old school, om, om-ertz, on the tiles (a night ...), on your jack, on your todd, one in the departure lounge, One off Eight?, one off the wrist, onion booty, onion, oober, oobtay, OOC, ooft-ja!, oppo, oscar, ossified, otay, oudish, out in the sticks, outdoor, outta sight, outtasight, over the moon harry, ower, owie, own, oxter, oxy, oxfam, oxymoron


pack it in, paddle the pink canoe, paddy wagon, paddy, pads, pad, pagga, pag, paki, pallatic, palsy, pangalang, pankis, pant moustache, pantload, pantsed, pants, pantypop, panwit, paper munchies, parachute, paro, parp, pash, pasties, pat tash, patching, patsy palmer and her five daughters", (meeting ...), patter, patter merchant, peachy/peachy beef/peach, peach, peanipus, peanut, peanut smuggler, peanuts, pear shaped, pearl necklace (give someone a ...), pearler, pebble dash, pecker, pedo-pete, peeble, peeble smack, peeble slap, peg, peg it, pencil (sharpen your ...), pencil dick, pencil sharpener, penis monger, penny, periods (2), periods (errr ...), perve, to, pervert, Pete Tong (going/gone a bit ...), peter, petulia, pez, pezzy, phat, phatty, phished, phwoya date!, pick a window, piddiful, piddley shit, pie hole, piece, pie, piffers, piffins bridge, pig latin, pig-pile, pig scabs, piggy's bag, piggy-back, pick-a-back, pig, piker, pikey, pilch, pile popper, pillock, pillow biter, pill, pilskin, pimps, pimp, pin dick, pinch a loaf, pink beard, pintle, pipe blocker, pipe down, pipsqueak, pips, pirate smokers, pish, piss-catchers, piss face, piss flaps, piss-fart, piss pants, piss-poor, pisspoor, pisspour, piss weasel, pissed, pissflap, pity about ye/him/them, pizza-face, plain brown wrappers, planf, plastered, plates of meat, platinum, player, playing-it-safe, pleb (2), pleb, plod, plook, pluke, PLP, plucks, pocket billiards, pocket pool, pocket rocket, pods, poes, pog, pogging, Pogging, Pog, poké-poof, pole in the hole, pole-ing, pole, ponce, poocatchers, pooftah, poofter, poof, poohjabba, poon-tang, Poon, poon, poop, pooped, poop dick, poop shute, poop shooter, poopy dollar, pootache, poot, popeye, popo, pop, pork and bean, porking, pornflakes, porn, port, poser, poseur, postal (go ...), postie, hoisty, posting, pot, to, potch, potty head, pudden head, pot, pounceable, pound, pov, povvo, poxy, Prannet, Prannet, prannet, pranny, prat, prawn, prick-teaser, prick, prolly, probly, pro, pudding, pudd, puff, poof, puke, pukka, pukka j, pukka j jenkins, pull (... yourself), pull my finger, pull the train, pulling your chain, pull, pump, punani, punda, punk, ted or mod, puntang juice, pune juice, puntang, pune, puntie-up, purple headed yoghurt slinger, purple nurple, purple herbie, pussy, putting one's foot in one's mouth, putz, python


quacker, quahog, quaid, quarm, quarmburger, quatralise, quavin, quee-bob, queef, queer, queg, quegg, quentin, quim, quis - eggo, quizzer, quoz, quozzie, qwas, qweeb


rabbit, rack (2), rack off, rack, radged, radge, radgie gadgie, radgeheed, rad, RAF, rag (off his ...), rag (on the ...), rag week, raghead, ragtops, rahom, rammel, rammy, rammy, ramp, the, ramp, rank, rape, raps, rat arsed, rats arse, rattle, razor, razz, out on the..., real mint, rear gunner, rebel, rec, the rec reccy, rectal alpinist, rectum ranger (... raider), red head, red river, red route, red wings, redneck, reeb, reggae, reggie, rehctub, release the hounds, release the sluice, rem, remmie, remhead, remploy, renob, returns, revengies, re, rib-a rib-da, riceboy, ricerocket, ride the short bus, rikker, rikker action, rim job, rimmer, rims, rinchy, ring raider, ring-sting, ringpiece, roaming goalies, roman goalies, roast, rock spider, rocker, rocket, rocket wrist, rocking horse shit, rocks, rocky roofs, rocky, rock, roddy, rodger, roger, rodney, rodney walk, roger (2), roger, roll, rooster-booster, root chase, root, rope, rory, roundhead, royal princes, rozzer, RST, Rug Muncher, carpet muncher, carpet eater, ruggit, rugrat, rugrats, rumble, rumley, rump ranger, runners, runs, the, runwell, rush goalie, rusty crotch, rusty trombone, rx queen


S.B.E., S/he who smelt it, dealt it, s.n.a.g., s.o.l., S.O.S., S.S.D.M., sack, hit the sack, sack, sac, sack wack, sad, saddo, sad case, saddle, saddle bag, saddler, safe (2), safe pub, safety meeting, safe, sag off, salad dodger, salary man, sally, salmon arm salut, salt (one) up, salty, salted (you're ...), salty, Salvy, sam & dave, sambo, same difference, same-head, samolean, sand crab, sandshoe furry crotch, sanger, sannies, sanny bag, sarky (... git), sark, sarnie, sarth effrikan, sasser, sassy, satched, satchied, satchel, droopy, satchel, satch, Sausage Jockey, Knob, sausage jocky, sausage party, sausage sandwich, saw blade, scab, scabber, scaboo, scabs, scaffie., scalding dog, scally, scallies, scam, scank, scanting, scants, scarbelly, scare the bejesus, bejeebers, bejibbers, scaredy-cat, scarred, scary, scav, scavvy, scav, scheissefest, schlong, schmaltz, schmee, schmoby, schmobied, schmohawk, schmooze, schmuck, schnazz, school, school bike, schoolboy error, schtoupped, schtupp, schucks-woman, schwabb, schwacked, schweppes, schwoz (going for a ...), scit, scoff, scone, sconner, scooby-Doo, scoofee, scoop, scootch, scooter, scoot, scope out, scoper, scopey, scope, scopie, score, scramble, scran, scrap, scratch, screamer (two pot ...), screaming abdabs, screw the arse off, screw the badger, screwball, screwball (2), screwed, screwnut, screw, scribs, (skribs, skribsies), scrog, scromp, scromping, scrot box, scrot rot, scrote, scrubber, scrub, scruds, scrumdiddliumptious, scrump (1), scrump (2), scrut, scud, scully, scully monster, scungee, scungy, scungies, scunt, scur, scutch, scutter, scut, seater, secret smile, sed, see a man about a dog (got to ...), seen my arse, sefton, segs, sell the Buick, semi-phlegmy, send a fax, send to Coventry, to, seppo, sesh, session, sexy time, sex, sfinkta, shabady, shades, shady, shafted, shaft, shaggable, shagged, shaggy, shag, shake spunk from a stick (she could...), shakey, shame, showings, shamk, shan, sharky, shark, the, sharon and tracy, sheboygan, sheckle, shed load, shedoeg, shed, sheen, sheepshagger, sheep, sheesh, shellaked, shell, shenley, sherbert, sherbert dab, sherring, shibby, shiesty, shift, shimmies, shim, shindig, shiner, shintock, shiny ginies, shirt lifter, shit, shite, shit a cold purple twinkie, shit bricks, shit christ, shit creek, shit creek (up, ..., without a paddle)


T.H.O., t-vo, ta-ra, ta-ta, tab, tabs, tacked, taco (going for a ...), taco, taco bell, taffy, tag, tagger, tagged, tagging, tagnuts, tail, (get some ...), taint, tainter, taint, take a bone, take a crap, take a crunch, take a dump, take a leak, take a piss, take a squirt, take a whiz, take away, take it easy, take it outside, take this outside, take off, take shit, take the piss, taking the mick, taking the piss, talk to Ralph on the big white telephone, talking to god on the big white telephone, tally whacker, tammy fight, tampax, tango yankee, tangoed, tanked, tankie, tap (... up), get tapped, tard, tarman, tart, tat, tats, tater, tattie, tatie, tattle-tale, tattler, tatty, tax(ed), taxi, tax, TB, tea bag (... bagger), tea-bagging, teachers pet, teapot, tear, technicolour yawn, tecks, teddy bear, teeny bopper, teetee, tefal, tek ye gaan, tell on, to, telling, TELLYERMUMISAVEDYERLIFE!, telt, ten-pence-mix, ten-pinter, tennis ball head, terry, terence, tesco's, Tesco, tetzlaff, tezzers, thatcher years, the bomb, the day, the higher up the mountain, the land is yours oh god, The morn, the old in-out, there's more meat on a butchers pencil than you boy, they, thick as two short planks, thick, thighbrows, thing, Thipple, thoroughbred, thorpedo, threads, three shakes of a lambs tail, throne, throw down, throw hands, throwed off, throwed, or thowed (get), throwing a pretzel down a mine shaft, thug, thump, thunderthighs, thwack(s), tidy-whites, tidy, tie desexing, tie one on, tight as a ducks arse, (... ducks chuff.), tight on, tight-arse, tight-wad, tightie whities, tight, timmy, tin-grin, tin, tired, tish, tisty tosties, tit (blue ...), tit-head, tit spanners, titanic, tits or tits up, tits-up (gone ...), tits, titted, titty (tough ...), titty twister, tittybabbi, tit, toasted, toast, toby, toc, todger dodger, todger, tadger, toe jam, toe-rag, toffo, togger, toilet papering, toke, toley, tommy tank, tongue and groove merchant, tonk-on, tonking-on, tonsil hockey, toolbox, tool, toot, top dog, top heavy, topital, tore up, torn down, torpedo, torqued, toss, (toss off), toss arse, toss cookies, tosspot, tot-eye, totally tasty thermal pastry, totty, touching cotton, touching cloth, touching the dogs arse, towel 'ead, townie, tpt, trabs, trackstand, trailer trash, tramp, trap, trashed, treasury, treated, treeing, trench coat, trench-hook, trendy loke, Trev, trick, tricolore, trif, trim, trip out, tripping, trip, troll, trots, the, trouser snake (the one eyed ...), truant (play), true dat, trump, trunky monkey, trunter, truprint, tube, tuggin


u.t.a, uber, ummaa, umpteen, un-reechy, uncle mac, unco, underdaks, underdog, unit, up (one's) butt, up in (one's) grill, up Jack's ass picking daisies, up on blocks, up the butt, up the duff, Up-The-Hill Gardener, up your butt and around the corner, uphill gardener, upper decker, uranus, urdy urdy urdy, urp, usa, USer


V.P.L., vadge, vagina decliner, vainites, vaj, vee dub, vees (flick the ...), vegemite valley, veggie, vedgie, veg, velcro, verse, vertical bacon sandwich, vertical smile, vexed, vibe, vick, vid, vinegar strokes, viper neck grip, virgin, vrot, vurp, vut


WAAAAAAH, wabs, wacko, wack, wad (2), wad bombs, wad, wagner, wag, wail, walking on water, wallace and gromit, wallob, walloper, wally, wanderbra, wanger, wang, wank bank, wank tanks, wankchops, wanker, wanker wings, Wanker's Cramp, wankered, wankpiece, tosspiece, wankshaft, wanksta, wankstain, wank, wannabe, want a piece of..., waps, wardie, wasabie, wassup, wasted, waster, waste, water melon, watered, waxing, rinsing, rattling, way, wazoo, wazzoo, wazz, whizz, wazzak, wazzock, wazzup, weak, wearing the bandana, wedding tackle, wedge, wedgie (1), wedgie (2), wedgie-kegger, weebles, weedon, weeor, weird beard, welfare, well hard, wench, winch, wep, wet back, wet willie, wet, whack (ed), whacking off, whale on, what's crackin, What's in the bag?, what's poppin?, what's the dilly, what's up, What the, wheat, wheely, wheelie, wheesht, whellah, where ya at, whigger, whipped, whipper-in, whipper-snapper, wipper-snapper, whip, whistle belly thumps, white bread, white note, white trash, whitewash, whitewashing, whitey, whitt'nopenair, whiz-bang, whiz, who's own, who-wants-to-play, whockerjawed, whodi, whoever smelt it dealt it, wholler, WHOM, whoopie cakes, whoopsie, whopperjawed, whore, whyaye, wick (dip yer ...), wicked, wick, Wide, Wide'o, wife beater, wigga, wilding, willknots, wilnots, willy operation, wimp, wind up, wind up (get the ...), wind up merchant, windmill, window licker, wingnut, winkle picker, winnats, winnets, whinnets, wipee, wired, wiss, wizz, whizz, wass, witches hat, witches tit, witta, witter, wit, woddy, woggy monster, woggy walking, woggy, WOGS, woody, woofer, woot, w00t, woot, word hole, word-up, word, world traveller, worship the porcelain goddess, wotcha, watcha, wotcher, wouldn't shout if a shark bit him, wowser, WP, wreck, wrench, wrenching, wrinkly, WT, wuckless, wuppie, wuss (2), wuss, wut


x-men, xippie, xma, XmX, xyz


yack, yada yada yada, yahoo, yakka, yakker, yak, yam-yam, yamp, yank, yap, yard sale, yard, yarf, yatch, yawn, yea-do speccy, yeah right, yellow packet, yellowbelly, yem, hyem, yer mum, yitney, yit, yo momma, yob, yocker, yoda, yog, yoink, yoinks, Yoko Ono, yolks, yomp, yonks, yoo-ee, york, yosser, yosser, yozzer, you'vegotxma, you go girl, youngbull, youngjawn, young, your mum, yo, yuck, yukker, yummy mummy, yup (ooohh ...)


Z's, zap, za, Zebbled, zef, zephir, zero-hero, Zilch, zinc, zit, zoftig, zoinks, zoit, zonked, zoom-in, zoot, zosted