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20-20, 175-ER, 24/7, 4:20, 175, 411, 429, 4-real, 10, 39, 44, 66, 69


A-200, a-buck, a-bucking, a cherry, A-gay, A-List Gay, a girl scout, a load off someone's mind, a meal ticket, a piece of Navy cake, a/s/l, a stiff cock has no conscience, a transvestite crown, A word, Aaron's rod, abareskin, abdicate, abigail, abort, absolute code, abstinence, abuse oneself, abuse potential, abyss, AB, AC-DC, accordion, accouterments, ace gear, ace queen, acrotomophilia, ACT-UP:, active, active-passive split, adolescentilism, AFAIK, affable, AFGE, Afro, agate, age of consent, ageism, aggie, aggressive, AIDS Terrorist, AIDS, air express, all-nighter, all that, alley apple, altar room, amies, amputation fetish, amyl nitrite, anal buckaneer, anal intercourse, anal jabber, anal sex, analingus, andro dyke or androgynous dyke, androgyne, andromimetophilia, androngyny, angel, anonymous sex, anteater, antiman, anus, aphrodisiac, apotemnophilia, arm, aroma of man, around the world, arse bandit, arsehole, arse, asexual, asphyxiophilia, ass blow, ass boy, ass business, ass fucking, ass games, ass hound, ass man, ass peddler, ass pirate, ass play, ass pro, ass queen, ass raider, ass wipe, assfuck, assfucker, asshole, asshole bandit, asshole buddy, assleech, assy, ass, atelia, athenian, aunt fancy, aunt Mame, aunt Mathilda, auntie, Auntie Em, auntie queen, aunty, aunt, aureola, Australian active, Australian passive, Australian sex, autagonistophilia, autassassinophilia, auto-eroticism, autofellatio, autonepiophilia, autosadism, auxiliary, available, awesome, axillary intercourse, ayuga, azz, A


B&D, b-boy, B/D top, B&D top, B/D, ba-gock!, babette, baby buggy, baby butch, Baby Crockett, baby discovers, baby doll, Baby dyke, baby-maker, baby paste, babys, baby, bachelor, back door, back-door man, back porch, back scuttle, back yard, backdoor, backgammon player, backhand drive, backroom, backside, backside artist, Backslidious Hypocritious, backstage, backswing, backs, bad case of the tins, bad lamps, bad lay, bad news, bad, bag lady, baggage, baggage-boy, baggette, baggipe, bags, bag, bail out, bail, bait the hook, baiting, bait, bake potatoes, baked, baker's dozen, bakery goods:, bald-headed mouse, Baldwin, ball-bearing oil, ball gown, ball off, ballad, ballad bar, ballas, ballers, Balling off, balloon knot, ballroom, balls, ball, balmy, baloney, baloney colonic, baloney pony, banana, banana car, banana splits, bananas, band-member, bang artist, bang-bang-bang, bang it, bang the banjo, bang-up, banging fudge, bang, banty, bar handles, bar hustler, Barbarella, barbettes, Barbie, barbie dogs, bare ass, bare-assed, bareback, bareback fucking, barebacker, barebacking or bareback sex, barfairy, barfairy bargain basement, barflies, barfly, barf, bar, bash the bishop, basher, bashing, bashing the bishop, bash, basket, basket days, basket lunch, basket party, basket shopping, basket watcher, basket weaving, basket-watcher, basketeer, basketful of meat, bastard, bat boy, batch night, Bath House, bathroom bonbon, Bathsheba, baths, Batman and Robin, batter, batts, Batty-man, bat, baubles, Bauman, Robert, bazooms, BBL, BBW, BB, BDSM, beach bitch, beach whale, beach-bum, beaded lady, bean juice, bean oil, bean queen, bear lover, bearded lady beads, beard, bear, beat (one's) meat, beat it, beat off, beat the meat, Beatific Vision, beauns, beautocks, beauts, beauty, bedbug, bee's knees, beef gravy, beefcake, beefcake books, beefcake film, beefcake king, beefcakery, beef, Beep!, beer can, behind, behind the behind, behymen, bell-end, bell peppers, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bend a pipe on the pisser, bend some ham, bend somebody over, bender, Benjamin, benny berdache, benny house, benny, bent as a nine bob note, bent stick, bent, Benwa Balls, benzadrina, bestiality, Beulah, BF, biastophilia, bible thumper, bicycle, bicycle rider, biffy, biff, big "O", big bertha, big cheese, big game


C.B.H., cabareting, cabin boy, caboose, cabouche, cackle, cacky, cadet, cafe curtains, cafeteria, cage, cake boy, cakes, calendar kid, call boy, call house, call it, call joint, call Ripley, call Wardrobe, call, camarnes, Camille, camp it up, camp names, CAMP RADIO, campfire girls, campy, camp, Canadian, Candidiasis, candy ass, canetta, canister set, canned goods, can, capon, cap, car fag, career boy, carpet muncher, carrot top, carry the torch, carsey, car, Cashmerian togas, caso, castration, castrato, Castro clone, Castro, The, catalog man, catamite, catch up, catchable, catch, catheterophila, cat, caveman, cavity probe, CD4 count, centerfold, centimeters, chain fuck, champagne fountain, change-machine, chapstick lesbian, charge, charity girl, charity goods, charity stuff, Charles the Bald, charm bracelet, chat up, chat, cheap date, cheap thing, cheap, cheat, checking out, cheeks, cheese, cheese bun, cheese eater, cheesing, cherry, cherry boy, cherry in the hand, cherry picker, cherry top, Chian, chibi, chicken, chicken butcher, chicken dinner, chicken feed, chicken freak, chicken hawk, chicken hunter, chicken kisser, chicken lover, chicken neck, chicken out, chicken plucker, chicken pox, chicken queen, chicken snatchitori, chicken three way, chicken-house, chicken-meter, chicken-of-the-sea, chicken-rustler, chicken-with-a-basket, child molesters, child porn, child pornography, chill out, chin-strap, chinch pad, chip in, chippy, chips, chocolate, chocolate cha cha, chocolate speedway, choice, choir, choke the gopher, choker, chokeressa, choking the chipmunk, chopped cock, chopper, chorizo, chrematistophilia, Christ and two apostles, chubby, chubby chaser, chub, chuck out time, chudini, chum, church, churchy type, chuspanel, Cinderella Fella, Circle, circle jerk, circle the circus, circuit party or parties, circumcision, clam up, clap clinic, clap, clean queen, clean up the kitchen, cleaned, clean, Clear, clipped dick, clit, clocked, clockin', clock, clodhopper, clone zone, Clones, clone, closet, closet case, closet queen, closet queer, closeted, club date, Cluck, cluster fuck, cock ring, cock tease, cockaholic, Cockettes, cocksman, cocksucker, cockteaser, cock, cocoa butter, COD boy, codger, coffin queen, coin-slot, coitus inter femora, coldcock, coldfish, college, college fuck, college style, colors, come across, come clean, come drunk, come off


D level dirt, D-up, da bomb, daddy-type, daddy/boy relationship, daddy, dairy queen, daisy chain, daisy, dancing in the sheets, dancing with myself, dangle queen, dangler, dangles, Dark-room, darkstar, dass, date, Daughters of Bilitis, dead ringer, deadeye, deadeye dick, dead, Dear John, debut, decorated by Cost Plus, decoy(er), decoys, decoy, deep kiss, deep pockets, deep throat, degenerate bar, dehorn, Delilah, den dick, den mother, den of sin, den, derriere, Dial a date, Dial-A-Dolly-Service, diarrhea of the mouth, dick drink, dick-licker, dickhead, dicky-licker, dick, diddle, die for, die in the saddle, diesel dyke, diet dirt, dig a ditch, dildoe, dildo, Dilly-boy, Dilly, dime dropper, ding-dong, ding-dongs, dinge queen, dingle-berries, dingle-dangle, dingo, dinky, dink, dip in the fudge pot, dip one's wick, dip the wick, dipped, dipshit, dirk, dirt queen, dirt tamper, dirty barrel, dirty gun, dirty lay, dirty mind, dirty old man, dirt, discipline, discreet, dish the dirt, dishonorable discharge, dishy, dish, dis, Ditch the Bitch and Switch, ditch, dizzy queen, DL, do a brown, do in, do it, dog fashion, dog food, dog style, dogfuck, doggie fashion, doggie-style, doggy fashion, doggy ways, dog, dokus, doll spit, dolly, doll, dom, domme, dominatrix, Domestic partnership, DOM, don't ask, don't tell, don't go there, donald duck, donger, dong, donkey, donkey-rigged, doobie, doric love, dork, Dorothy Lamour terrycloth mini, dose, dotting the "i", dot, double bomb, double entry, double feature, double header, double sawbuck, double time, double-bagger, double-gaited, double-take, doublefuck, dough, DP, DQ, Dr. Feelgood, drag party, drag picture, drag queen, Dragette, dragon lady, drag, drain pipe, draining the weasel, drama queen, draped, draperies, drapes, drooly, drop a bundle, drop a dime, drop a dime on someone, drop a load, drop beads, drop five at the tubs, drop ten at the tubs, drop, dry date, dry fuck, dry hump, dry rub, dry run, duck butter, duck, duff, duster, dutch boy, dutch dumplings, dyke, dykon, dystte, D


E'd up, ear-baubles, earmuffs, earthy-crunchy dyke, easy make, easy meat, easy, eat it, eat jam, eat poundcake, eat shit, eat somebody out, eat willy, eat with the hands, eatin' stuff, eat, ebonics, eclair queen, ecstasy, eddress, effie, egghead, Egyptian queen, English muffins, ephebophilia, ephebos, equipment, erectile dysfunction, erection:, erotophonophilia, escort service, evil, exhaust pipe, exhibitionism, explore the beads, eye candy, eye doctor, eyeful, eye


F2M, F-word, face cream, face fucker, face, facultative homosexuality, fade, fag bag, fag hag, fag stag, fagateeny, faggot, Faggot Princess, faggotry, faggoty, faggy, Fagin, fag, fairies, Fairy Go Round, fairy godmother, fairy hawk, fairy lady, fairy's [fairies], fairy, fall for, fallen star, family, family jewels, fanny, fart around, fart, fat-ass, fatherfucker, faunet, faunlet, fay, featherless, feathers, feathery, feed, feel up, feelie, feel, feet, fegelah, felch, fellatio, female breasts, femme, fem, fesse, fetish, feygelah, film beefcakery, finger, finger-fuck, fingerfuck, fingerhoot, Fish and Chips, fish bashing, fish dinner, fish for brown trout, fishing, fishwife, fish, fist fuck, fist it, fisting, fisting off, five-fingered Annie, five-knuckle chuckle, five minute's worth, five-minute shack up, flamer, flame, flaming, flange, flash in the pan, flat tire, flatbacker, flawless, flea bagger, fleabag, fleadum, fleet bagger, flesh factory, flesh-peddler, flick, flinking, flip and dick, flip and fuck, flip-collar fairy, flip-flop, flip side, flitty, flit, flog one's meat, flogging the poodle, flong one's dong, floozy, flophouse, flophouse foul line, flower, flow, fluff the duff, fluffer, fluter, flute, flyer, fogeagoge, fool around, fooper, foop, Foot Buddies, forbidden fruit, forty-four, forty-niner, forty-one, four-eyes, foxy, frame, freak trick, freak, freeload, freeloader, French, french dressing, french kiss, French letter, fresh meat, fresh-cream-dip, Fresh, friend of Dorothy, friends with benefits, frig, frit, froot loops, Frottage, fruit fly, fruit juice, Fruit Loop, fruit-picker, fruity, fruit, FR, FTM, fuck-a-buck, fuck book, fuck boy, fuck buddy, fuck file, fuck-flat, fuck handles, fuck like a bunny, fuck money, fuck movies, fuck pole, fuck-thing, fuckable, fucking, fucking buddies, fuckstick, fuck, fudge-packer, fudge, fur, futy, fuzznuts, F


gadar, gallons, gander, gang-bang, gang-banged, Ganymede, garage, garbage woman, gash, gatees, gay bashers, gay-bashing, gay Bob:, gay cat, gay chicken, Gay Christian, gay dirt, gay for pay, gay girl, gay lib, Gay Liberation, gay milk bar, gay plague, Gay right bill, Gay youthism, gay zombie, gaybie, gaydar, gayola, gay, gazette, gear, gee gee hole, gee-gee, gender fuck, gentleman of the back door, Geritol set, Gerontophile, gerontophilia, get (one's) shit together, get a little on the side, get bent, get it off, get it on, get it up, get laid, get off, get pulled, get some, get some mud for the duck, get someone off, get to first base, get to home plate, get to third base, GHM, ghost, GIB, gift Giver, gift that keeps on giving, gift, ginger, ginny woman, girl, girsegum, gism, give a shit, give head, give someone a burn, give someone a grope, giver, glass asshole, GLB, gleet, glitch, Glittergang, Glitterkid, glory hole, glory hole sex, gnat meat, go down on, go easy, go fishing, go for broke, go for it, go fuck yourself!, go girl, Go juice, go off, go on track, go overboard, go tickets, go to Denmark, gob's goobers, gob the knob, gobble, gobettes, God squad, godfather, going cabareting, going down the dirt road, gold-digger, Gold Star, golden boy, golden champagne, golden queen, golden retrievers, golden rule, golden screw, golden shower, golden shower queen, gonga, gonif, gonny, gonorita, gonorrhea, gonsil, gonzel, guncel, guntzel, gunzl, goober smoocher, goobers, good buddy, good call, good-looker, good night, good-time Charlie, goodyear, goosed, gooser, goose, goo, got down, government-inspected meat, grand bag, grandma, grapefruits, grapes, gravy giver, gray lady, greased, Greek fashion, greek style, greek way, greeking:, Greek, green discharge, grimm's fairy, grind, grooming ritual, grope, ground woman, gump, gunsel, gut-reamer, gut-stretcher, gut-stuffer, gutter, gutter limits, GWM, gym queen, gym rat, gynaecotrope, gynemimetophilia, G


hair of the feet, hairless, half-and-half, half-pint, hamster wheel, ham, hand job, hand-me-down, handbag, handballing, hang around, hang-down, hang-up, hangout, Hanky Codes, hanky-panky, Happy trail, hard-on, hard up, hard way, hardcore, harpoon a whale, has-been, haul someone's ashes, have a crush on someone, have a party, have it bad, have it for someone, have the hots for someone, haveable, have, having one off the wrist, Hawaiian eye, hawk, Hay Harry, he's a streetwalker, He gave me a paint job, he-she, head cheese, head cold, head job, headcheese, head, heart on, heavy leather, heck bite, hell around, helmet, hermaphrodite, hernandies, hershey highway, heterosexism, heterosexual, HET, hicky, hidden magic, hideaway, hieroglyphics in this magical text, Hilda, hill-lock, hind end, hip-hitter, hippy queen, hips, his majesty in purple cap, hit it off, hit list, hit on someone, hit someone in the seat, hit the hay, hit the sack, hitch, HIV negative, HIV negative shame, HIV-neg, HIV positive, HIV-pos, HIV+, HIV, hole in one, hole, Hollywood uterus, home boy, homie, homintern, homoerotic, homoerotiphobia, Homogenitalism, Homoicide, Homophilia, homophobia, homosexual, Homosexual panic, homosexuality, Homotrash, homo, honey rolls, honey-fuck, honker, honk, hope chest fund, Horatian, hork, horndog, horniness, horny, horn, horsemeat, hot's, hot as a firecracker, hot cross bun, hot dog, hot lead, hot milk, hot pants, hot pockeroo, hot rocks, hot to trot, hotcha, hot, hound dog, house of pleasure, house, HR 5452, Hudson, Rock, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, hummer, humper and a pumper, humpy, hump, hung, hunky, hunk, hussy, hustle, hustler, hustlers row, HWP, hybristophilia, hygiene hall, hymie, hyphephilia, hypospadias, hypoxphilia, H


I bet I can flip you and duck you before you can throw me and blow me, IBM, ice-cream cone, Ice-cream sundaes, in-and-out, in circulation, in the buff, in the life, in the raw, in the saddle, infantilism, inhaler, inner-sanctum, inspector of manholes, intergenerational relationships, intersexes, Intersexualism, Intrafemoris, invert, in, iron-Closet, ISO, itty bitty meat, it


Jac blaster, jack off, jades, jag-house, jail bait, jail house pussy, jail tail, jam pot, jamblocks, jam, jazz, jelly-belly, jelly, jerk off, jerk song, jerking off, jerking the cherkin, Jesus freak, jewels, Jezebel, jiggling bone, jiggy, jimmy, jism, jizzum, jizz, jock hole, jock juice, jocker, jock, Joe blow, John Thomas, johnny, John, joint, Jonathan, jonesing for bone, joy juice, jubes, jugs, juice, jump someone's bones, jumper, jump, juve, Jweish homosexual, J


Kaposi's sarcoma, kava kava, kazoo, keep a date with bobby palm and his five brother, keep someone, keep tabs on, keester-bandit, keister, kept boy, kerb crawler, keyster, khaki pussy, kibbles and bits, kicks, kiddie, kiddie porn, kiddie-porno, kiddy, kid, kiester, Kiki, killed, killer queen, king, kip, Kiss in, kiss shit, kiss the star fish of love, kisser, kiss, kister, kleptophilia, klismaphilia, kneeling at the altar, Knight of the golden grummet, knish-ka-bob mug, knob-end, knob job, knob polisher, knobber, knock off a piece, knockers, kosher dick, KS, kwazakoo


labonza, lace curtains, lacy, lals, Lambda, later(s)!, lavender, lavender boy, lavender lad, lavender marriage, lav, lay of the land, lay pipe, lay tube, lay, LD, leak my lizard, leak, leather, leather stretcher, lecher, lech, lee, left-handed, legal chicken, leinburger, lesbian, Lesbian Separatism, lesbianism, lesbophobia, let one's hair down, letch, libido, licketysplit, life preserver, Light in the loafers, light-fingered, lilly law, limp wrist, limp wristed, lipstick lesbian, lips, liquid hair dressing, literary hour, literature gallery, little black book, little boy in the boat, little brother, Little Sodom, lizard, lizzie, lizzy, LLM, load, loaves, lobcock, lobster, lobster pot, locker room, loggerhead, loins, lollipop, long pole, long pork, long, looker, loops, loose, lop cock, lost it, lounge lizard, love buns, love handle, love juice, love-muscle, lovebirds, lover-boy, love, low neck and short sleeve, LTR, lucky Pierre, luimas, lumber


M.S.M., macho, mackin', made out, made, mahu-poi, main queen, make a pass at someone, make a pit stop, make babies, make ghost, make it with someone, make, making poundcake, male prostitute meter, male prostitutes, male sexual perverts, mama's boy, mamhole, mammy boy, man friend, man-juice, man oil, man-pussy, man-root, management, mangina, manlover, manual labor, maracas, maria, marico, mark the x, market, marketplace, married, Mary Annie, Mary-Annes, Mary Ellen, Mary of the cloth, Mary, masochism, masturbate, Matilda, matinee, Mattachine Society, mayonnaise, meal ticket, meat and two veg, meat for the butcher, meat for the needy, meat for the poor, meat market, meat pillows, Meat Rack, meat safari, meat, Mecho en tu boca!, mecotero, Meg, melons, memories, Mental hermaphroditism, mercenary:, mess around, methamphetamine, Mexican nightmare, mexoga, milk a cow, milk bones, milk cans, milk wagons, milk, mince, mind-blowing, miner, mink, minted, Miss Thing, Miss USO, mitts:, mixophilia, MMM-Bop, mollies, molly cot, molly house, molly, money trick, money-maker, moolah, moon, moose, morning drop, morphophilia, motel time, mother, mother fucker, motor-mouth, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, mo, Mudshark, muff-dive, muff, mug, murdering butches, muscle mary, Music lessons, musical beds, Musical chairs, mustache bar, mustard pot, M


nachas, nail, naka-nake, NAMBLA, NAMES Project, nancy, nantey, narc, nark, narratophilia, narrow at the equator, natural breech, nature's scythe, naval comber, Navy style, ND's, NDBB, ND, nearsighted, neck bite, necklace, neck, necrophilia, nellie, nelly, nepiophilia, Neptune's daughter, nerd, net-head, neuter, new boy, ninan, Nipped, nipper, Noble, Elaine, nod off, non-gender specific, nookey, nookie, nooky, notch, NS, ns, number, nuts, nut, nymphomania, nymph


occupational hazard, octopus, off the market, ogle-fakes, ogles, ogling, okole-mas, old blue, old girl, old goat, old hen, old Horatian way, old man, old one, old queen, old queer, old-rip, old slimy, old thing, olfactophilia, on a promise, on deck duty, on my toes, on the game, on the make, on the prowl, on the pull, on the side, on the town, onanism, Onan, once-over, one and only, one-eyed monk, ONE magazine, ONE, Inc., one night stand, one-nighter, one-shot, ONS, oomph:, open the closet, opened up, oral masturbation, oral sex, orgasm, orgy room, orgy, otter, our lady of the vapor(s), out-of-the-closet, outing, out, over cultured, over the bridge to plimpton, over the hill, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, overcoat, Over, oyster, oyster stew, O


P.A., P.C., pack of dykes, package, packet, packing fudge, paddies, paddling the pickle, paddling the robbin, pad, paedophile, paedophilia, pedophilia, paid lover, pain in the arse, paint the bucket, pairage, paleface, pal, pansy, pantywaist, pan, paraphilia, park, parlor peter, part of the pile, particular friendships, party-pooper, party, pass secrets, passing woman, passive partner, pass, pato, patties, paw, pay for play "date"., pay for play business, pea in a pocket:, peacemaker, pearl drop, pearl necklace, pearl, pecker, pecker tracks, pecks, pecs, pederast, pedosexuality, pee'd, peep-hole squad, pee, peg boy, peg-houses, pellin, pencil dick, penilingus, penis butter, penis souvenir, penis, people like us, Percy boy, Percy-pants, Percy, perform, perpetrator, pervert, perve, peter machinist, peter-eater, peter, pets, PG rated, Picadilly Cirus, piccolo player, pick up the soap, pictohilia, piece of ass, piece of luggage, piece of trade, pier angelies, PIE, pig hole, pig pile, pig room, piggies, pig, pikestaff, pile-driver, pilgrim, pilgrim's staff, pillow fucker, pimp, pink dollar, pink pound, pink triangle, pink, pipe-cleaner, piss elegant, piss eligant queen, piss off, piss queen, pissed, piss, pistol, pit bull, pit job, pitcher, pitch, pix, plank, play around, play checkers, play chess, play dump truck, play grab-ass, play hide the weenie, play leap frog, play stinky-pinky, play the field, play the piano, playboy, playboys, playing canasta, playing solitaire, playing the skin flute, playing with it, playmate, play, Pleasure Club, plone, plonker, pluck a fruit, pluck, plug in the neon, plug-tail, plum-tree shaker, plumber's, plumber's plumbing, plumbing-fixture, pocket pool, pogey bait, pogue, poison queen, poke, Polari, police, pollution, pom-pom, poof, poon, poop-hole, poopoo, pop it in the toaster, popo, poppa, popper, poppy, pop, porch, pork dagger, pork sword, porker, pork, porno, porn, porthole, post-gay:, potcharooney, pot, poundcake, pounding the pud, pound, powder someone's cheeks, pozcum, PO, pratt-hunter, pratt-man, pratt, pretty-boy, priapism, prick-teaser, prick, Prince Albert, princeton rub, prissy queen, private parts, privates, privates investigator, professional, Prostitute, prostitution, protein, prowl, pro, prune person, prune, prushon, psycho, PT, Pubic Lice


Queen Bee, queen bees, queen of scotch, Queen of Sheba, Queen's tanks, Queen's Vernacular, Queen, Queer Nation, queer-basher, queer, quick one, quick piece, quickie, quiff


radar, radical drag, railroad queen, rainbow, rainbow dick, rainbow flag, ram job, rammer, rancid flower, raptophilia, rash, rat, raw sex, read braille, ream somebody out, ream, rear specialist, recky, rectify, red necktie, redneck, reef, release, religion, reltney, rent boys, rent-boy, rented tux, RFD, riah, rice pudding, rice queens, rich cream sauce, ride the deck, rider, riding bareback, right-handed, rim job, rim-queen, rimming, rim, rinctum, ring-piece, ring snatcher, ring, road game, road kid, road queen, road run, road, Robert Owen Scott, Jr: [aka Wizard], rocks, Rocky Horror Picture Show, rogering, roger, roll in the hay, rooster, rooty, roscas, rosebud, rough trade, rough-it, rough, roumders, round brown, round eye, rounding up the meat, rover, royal jelly, rub off, rubber, rug rat, rugs, rug, rump ranger, rump-splitter, rumpy-pumpy, rump, rum, run of the mill, runaway pumpkin, runs, rust-bucket, rusty rifle, ruth ann's


saddle, saddle it, saddle up, sadism, sado-masochism, sailor queens, sailor's cup of tea, Salad Boy, Salome shack up, Salt and Pepper boys, salt in their diet, salt-seller, salt-water taffy, San Francisco clones, San Quentin quail, sandwich, Santa Claus, sarong, sashay, satyriasis, satyromania, sausage, sausage jockey, sausage sandwich, scale, scalp hunter, scandal girl, scare drag, scarlet woman, scat queen, schizzo, schlock mexican, Scientific Humanitarian Committee, scissors, scoff, scoping out, scoptophilia, score, scoutmaster syndrome, scrapbooking, scratch, screw around, screw off, screwed, screwee, screw, scrog, scrotum, scrub-woman, scumbag, scumsucker, scum, sea-fairy, sea hag, sea legs, sea-lions, sea pussy, sea-wolves, seacow, seafarer, seafood, seal, seattle cruise, secondary virgin, secrets, self-service, self-stimulation, semen, semi-closeted:, semi, separatist, service-connected disability, set of cakes, set of pears, sewer chewer, sewing circle, sex addict, sex addict female, sex addict male, sex-and-breakfast boy, sex boy, sex job, sex punk, sex variants, sexteenager, Sexual Objectification, Sexual Orientation, sexually fixated, sexually-transmitted disease, shaft, shagging, shaker, shakers, sharks, shell queen, shemale, shirtlifter, shit faced, shit-fuck, shit the plug, shitter, shit, shoot down, shoot the plug, shore dinner, short eyes, short one, short-arm, short-arm bandit, short-arm heist, short-arm inspection, short-arm practice, short-order shrimp, shot down, shove the tongue, shrimp, shrimp in a basket, shrimping, similisexualism, sing the sailor songbook, singing an aria, sissy, sister, sister act, sis, sit on a face, sitzbein, six pack, Sixty-Nine, size queen, sizzlers, skin flesh, skin flute, skin house, skin magazine, skin room, skinned-back, skinny-dip, skippy, slam bam, thankee ma'am!, slap and tickle, slash, sleaze, sleep around, slick and slim up the old dusty road, slop poop, slop shit, slopchute, slop, slut, Smack & Jack, Small Gazette, smallers, smear somebody's tune, smear the tuna, smegma, Smile like a donut, Smile like a glazed donut, smilelys, smiley, smoke out, smoked her out, smurf code, SM, snack, snake handler, snapper, snapping pussy, snapping the twig, snapping turtle, snarf, snart, snitch, snogging, snot rag, Snow Queen, snowblower, snowcone, sodomite, sodomize, sodomy, soil one's knees, soiled senior citizen, soldier, somnophilia, south end, souvenir, spade queen, speak oh toothless wonder, spew, spider lady, spilt seed, splatter poi, split some buns, split, spooge, spread, spunk up, squeezing off, squid lids


tabby, tackle, Taco Bender, tadger, tail bone, tailgator, tail, take a trip to the moon, take it, take out the trash, take somebody's pulse, take, taking care of business, talk to management, tallywhacker, tall, tampered with, tan line, tan track, tandoori queen, tansie, tansie's formal, tapdancing, taquitos, tar baby, target, tart, tattoo queen, ta, TBH, tea trade, teabagging, teahouse of the August moon, team player, tear off a piece, tear off a piece of ass, tearoom, tearoom queen, tearoom trade, teaser, tease, teddy bear, tee'd, tee'd to the tits, teenie-weenie, teeny bopper, teenybopper, telephone hustler, telephoner, telephonicophilia, tell a French joke, ten-inch somebody, ten, testalgia, testicles, tete-a-tete, texan, Texas longhorn, thank you, that way, the kitty, the tubs, third sex, third-sexers, thirty-day boy, thirty-nine, thrash and trash, thrasher, three-bee, three-letter man, threesome, throw a mean fuck, throw a wicked fuck, throw and blow, throw the tongue, tick, tight body, tight pin, tight, Tijuana Bible, Tijuana queen, Tijuana racetrack, Tina Tuna, tinkler-belle, tipped, tipping the velvet, tit king, tit queen, titty queen, titty-freak, TMI, TNT, to die in the saddle, to lick rug, toad, toe-jam queen, toe rag, toilet, token chicken, token-fag, token-fag queers, token-queer, tokus, tom fuck, tom fucker, tomboy, tongue sandwich, tongue somebody out, tongue wrestling, tongue-fuck, tongue-job, tonnage, tonsil swabbing, tooky, took, tooling up, tool, top drawer, top man, topcoat, top, torah queen, torchy, toss him off, toss off, toss the salad, tossing off, touch up, townie, toy-toy, toyboy, toys, toy, TP, Track Two, trade, Trail, trannie, transvestite, trapper, Treasure Trail, tree jumper, tref, Triangle Broadcasting Company, trick, troll, trouser snake, truck driver, tubs, Tuileries, tulip sauce, tulip, tuna fish, tuna tins, tuna, tunnel, Turk, turn a trick, turn-off, turn-on, turn someone out, TV, twat hair, twatarooney, twat, twenty-twenty, twin hills, Twink code, Twinkboner, Twinkie, Twink, two-time, two-way baby, two-way Johnny, two-way man


udders, ultimate insult, uncircumcised penis, Uncle Samantha's meat call, Uncut, uniform, uniform mo, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, unsliced, up for grabs, uranian, Uranianism, Uranism, urinal sniffers, urine, Urning, urning, Urolagnia, urophilia, ussypay, utter award, utter


V/A, vacuum cleaner, vacuumed up, Vagina, Vagina Littlefinger, vagitarian, valley, vampire, vampire run, Van Dyke, Vanguard, vanilla, VD, versatile, very tasty, vessels, Veterans Benevolent Association, Viagra, Vice Versa, victimless crimes, vile affections


wad, Waiting Game, walk with a lisp, walkout, wanger, wang, wanker, wanking off, wank, washboard abs, watch queen, water chestnuts, water lilies, water sports, Wave, waving the wand, wazoo, web-center, wee-wee, weeble, weener, weeney, weenie, weeny, weinie, well endowed, well equipped, western patio, wet dream, whack off, whacking off, whale, whanger, whang, wheel-chair set, whitewash the back 40, whore lap, whorehouse, whorella, whore, widger, wiener, wienie, wienie washer, wife, wild thing, winkie, winkle, winktepi, winktes:, wink, wise-to, wise, witch-hunts, witch, wolf, working girl, wrestling freak, wrinkie room, W


X'ey, x-appeal, x-rated, X


yeastful buns a plenty, yellow-stream queer, yeomanette, your curtains don't even match your carpet honey, YoYo, yum-yum


zap, zipper club, zoo queen, zook, Zymurgy