It's time, it's time, it's time for a Nursery Rhyme!

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Birds of a feather flock together
Birds of a feather flock together, And so will pigs and swine; Rats and mice will have their choice, And so will I have mine.
Bobby Shaftoe
Bobby Shaftoe went to sea, Silver buckles on his knee. He'll come back and marry me, Pretty Bobby Shaftoe. Bobby Shaftoe's fine and fair, Combing down his auburn hair. More…
Bow, wow, says the dog
Bow, wow, says the dog; Mew, mew, says the cat; Grunt, grunt, goes the hog; And squeak goes the rat. Tu-whu, says the owl; Caw, caw, says the crow; Quack, quack, says the duck; And More…
Boys and girls come out to play
Boys and girls come out to play The moon doth shine as bright as day. Leave your supper and leave your sleep And join your playfellows in the street. Come with a whoop and come with a More…
Butterfly, butterfly
Butterfly, butterfly, Whence do you come? I know not, I ask not, Nor ever had a home. Butterfly, butterfly, Where do you go? Where the sun shines, And where the buds grow.
Charley Farley
Charley Farley Stole some barley Out of the bakers shop The baker came out And gave him a clout Which made poor Charley hop!
Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming, The goose is getting fat Please put a penny In the old man's hat; If you haven't got a penny, A ha'penny will do, If you haven't got a More…
Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe
Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe. Get it done by half past two. Half past two is much too late! Get it done by half past eight. Stitch it up, and stitch it down, And I'll give you a More…
Cock-a-doodle-doo My Dame has lost her shoe My Masters lost his fiddling stick And doesn't know what to do. Cock-a-doodle-doo What is my Dame to do? Til' Master finds his More…
Cold and raw the north wind doth blow
Cold and raw the north wind doth blow Bleak in the morning early, All the hills are covered with snow, And winters now come fairly.
Come to the window
Come to the window, My baby, with me, And look at the stars That shine on the sea! There are two little stars That play bo-peep With two little fish Far down in the deep; And two More…
Cross Patch, draw the latch
Cross Patch, draw the latch, Sit by the fire and spin; Take up a cup, and drink it up, Then call the neighbours in.
Cry baby cry
Cry baby cry Stick your finger in your eye Tell your mother it wasn't I.
Cry, Baby Bunting
Cry, Baby Bunting Daddy's gone a-hunting He's gone to fetch a rabbit skin To wrap the Baby Bunting in.
Cuckoo, cuckoo
Cuckoo, cuckoo, what will you do In April come I will, In May I sing all day, In June I change my tune, In July I prepare to fly, In August go I must.
Curly Locks, Curly Locks
Curly Locks, Curly Locks, Will you be mine? You shall not wash dishes, Nor feed the swine, But sit on a cushion And sew a fine seam, And sup upon strawberries, Sugar, and cream.
Cut thistles in May
Cut thistles in May, They'll grow in a day; Cut them in June, That is too soon; Cut them in July, Then they will die.
Daffy Down Dilly
Daffy Down Dilly Has come to town In a yellow petticoat And a green gown.
Dame Trot and her cat
Dame Trot and her cat Led a peaceable life, When they were not troubled With other folks' strife. When Dame had her dinner, Pussy would wait, And was sure to receive A nice More…
Dance, Thumbkin dance
Dance, Thumbkin dance Dance ye merrymen every one. But Thumbkin he can dance alone. Dance Foreman dance... Dance Longman dance... Dance Ringman dance... Dance ye merrymen every one More…