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52 card pickup
Trick usually played by an older child on a younger where, after asking if they want to play, a deck of cards is thrown in the air for the younger child to pick up - while the older runs off More…
cancer foot
Describes a person who has had a shot at goal, resulting in the ball swerving off five miles away from the goal - i.e. "misses by a country mile". =UK
Boys game using girls. Involved encouraging or daring girls in skirts or dresses to do handstands so you could see their underwear. John asks us to point out that in his experience as a More…
A proper leather football. Size 5 caseys were the things to have. Required someone's dad to have a funny little adapter for the bike pump. Invariably no-one's dad did, and the ball would More…
catch a girl, freak a girl
Game played by both sexes (usu.). Works best with even number of males and females. Boys are always "it". Rules are straightforward. The girls disperse and hide and boys try to find More…
cats cradle
Complex patterns made out of a loop of string wrapped in varying configurations around the fingers. See also: 'lastics, french elastic =UK
cherry picking
Common term used when playing Street Hockey. The act of loitering well behind the defense when the puck is all the way back in your own end and you should be playing defense. Instead you More…
Game of dare where one is supposed to carry out some act of extreme stupidity. =UK
chicken scratch
Game where somone one prove how hard they are by scratching away at an area of their skin til it bled. God knows why!. See also: hard =circa 1980's, UK (NE)
Marble: an opaque mainly white version See also: alley, enner, bosherking =alley, enner, bosher, king etc... UK
chinese haircut
As kids, and even now as old farts, you would get a long stalk of grass, the type with the seeds in a bunch at the top. The seeds would then be removed by gripping the stalk at the base More…
Chug-a-lug was a game played with some drinkable, but gross tasting liquid. Everyone would sit in a circle with the drink in the middle. Someone would name an object starting with 'A'. The More…
A game, much te same as On the Hob, where one person was 'on the hob' and had to find the rest of the players who had hidden but if one of the hidden players could get back to the hob More…
coffin (the...)
The school canteen where meals of unutterable awfulness were served on a regular basis. =UK (Wa)
Basically a game where you take a ripe horse chestnut seed (known as a conker) and try to conk (smash) one held by another person. Usually the conkers dangle from a string, or shoelace or More…
Basically consists of chewing up paper into a gloppy mass and spitting it on to a wall so it sticks. Winner is whoever gets their lump to stay longest. See also: wasp shit =UK (SE)
Game banned in many schools. All participants link hands into a large chain, the leader starts running around in circles and in a matter of seconds everyone is on the floor bleeding. More…
crease, crease leave
Cricket term used when running over the line in cricket to signify the successfully made run, and "crease leave" to signify leave one's ground and not making a run, usually for a rest, More…
creemies, creamies
Used in playground games - like the 'cree' word - as a shout of 'leave me out for a moment - I gotta do up a shoelace' type of thing. Or as an 'I give in - leave me alone' in those silly More…
crocodile, crocodile
Person who is on stands in middle of field, all other players at one end. They say: Crocodile, crocodile, may we cross the water To see the farmer's daughter without getting wet? Person More…