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picture a cowboy
Version 1: Picture a cowboy all dressed in red Slipped on a boulder Smashed in his head Blood on the saddle Blood on the ground Great big blobs of blood all around Great big More…
pink and yellow custard
(ed: this may be a skipping rope chant? Suggestions welcome.) Pink and yellow custard Snot and bogey pie All mixed together With a dead dog's eye Put it in a sandwich Spread it More…
Po Kare Kare Ana
(ed: entered verbatim:) Po kare kare ana, I found a squashed banana, I threw it at the teacher, She said "Come here" I said "No fear" The contributor suggests that More…
Poetry from the toilet wall
(ed: the best poetry in the world is often to be found on toilet walls ) Some come here to sit and think And some come here to wonder But I come here to shit and stink And fart away More…
poor little beggar girl
I'd not heard of this before I saw it in the uk.misc newsgroup. The person who wrote it in didn't know any more of it but said her late mother used to sing it to her. I'd appreciate it if More…
One version we sang back in the 70's Popeye the sailor man lived in a frying pan turned on the gas and burned his a$$ Popeye the sailor man
popeye the sailor man i live in a frying pan, turn on the heat and burn my feet, im popeye the sailor man.
popeye the sailor man
(ed: I think some of these might be duplicated - if you can find two of something please let me know - toot! toot!: Version 1: I'm Popeye the sailor man I'm Popeye the sailor man More…
popeye the sailor man
I'm Popeye the sailor man I live in a garbage can I eat all the leaves, and spit out the bees I'm Popeye the sailor man. (Remembered it from first grade, LOL!)
portland bill
Come with me To the rolling sea Where the weather's calm and still And we'll have some fun Licking Old Bill's bum In the adventures of Portland Bill (Note: Sometimes "Old More…
postman pat
Postman Pat, Postman Pat Postman Pat ran over his cat Blood and guts were flying All the kids were crying Pat is now a very happy man Alternate Ending: Now he'll have to buy a More…
Postman Pat, Postman Pat,
Postman Pat Ran over his cat,
Blood and guts were flying,
Postman Pat was crying, now he has red wheels to match his van.
Postman Pat will never drink drive again.
Those were the ones i have learnt over my school years.
My head looks potty My head looks potty Looks like a baby's botty Looks like a baby's botty And I flush it down the lavatory And I flush it down the lavatory I stuff chewing gum up More…
Basically defined as 'a simpleminded individual with few social skills and even less intellectual capacity'. In use very much the London equivalent of Pranny. For example, see verse from a More…
(ed: Saw these words on a newsgroup (uk.misc). Does anyone recognise this? I'd love the rest of the words and music:) No matter how big a prune may be He's always full of wrinkles A More…
puff the magic dragon
Puff the magic dragon, Lived by himself, He had no one to play with, So he played with himself. He got himself a girlfriend, But that was not enough, So he got himself a More…