Seedy Songs and Rotten Rhymes - the poetry of the playground

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Ulysses Bum disease Flying through all the poo and wee-eee... (ed: I have no idea what that was about!)
In an infants school in Croydon, 'ummm' was short for "ummm, I'm telling" (probably only ever uttered by little girls) and featured in the following rhyme: Ummm, umm I'm telling my More…
under the shade of the old beech tree bough
Under the shade of the old beech tree bough, A milkmaid sat, a milking a cow. The farmer came up and he gave her the sack, So she turned the cow over, And poured the milk back. More…
uptown wally, uptown girl
(to the tune of Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl') Version 1: She's been living in a Tesco trolley And now she's going out with Action Man They've been shagging in the A-Team Van More…