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... as nick

Intensifier. Used as "Mike is hard as nick", or "Don't eat the curry! It's hot as nick". The 'nick' in question is probably a reference to 'Satan' rather than 'prison' or a specific person.

Source: circa 1970's, UK (Scot.)
2/6 heave

The original entry related to the term 4/6 heave which related to moving a fixed object belonging to (I believe) the Royal Navy (could be the RAF), one had to obtain a work order which was numbered 46. So when a group of squaddies (that's another one)were moving something, to make sure they all lifted at the same time someone called out. "4/6, Heave".

However, it turns out the term is actually 2, 6 heave!"

It's a naval expression, originally used when gun crews pulled the cannon in or out of the gun port. The 2 and the 6 related to the numbers of the men that were to pull- gunner 2 and gunner 6. Never heard it at school but my Dad, being a sailor, used it all the time. Normally shortened to just "2! 6!

If anyone can add to this - or to the 4/6 heave story, please do.

See also: 4/6 heave
Source: UK
4/6 heave

See 2/6 heave

See also: 2/6 heave
Source: UK
69 (sixty-nine)

Performing mutual oral sex.

  1. An annual event on this day during which, which people interested in encouraging the legalisation of marijuana are supposed to smoke it in public thus daring the authorities to arrest them.

    Having said that - Lucy sent this in:

    4.20 is not an annual event it is the police code for the violation. As in "we have a report of 420 activity on W14th street and the riverside drive"

    lets pick up some 4.20
    lets meet at 4.20

    (ed: anyone like to add something to sort out the confusion pelase?)

    Source: USA
  2. More of a concept nowadays than a term that can be defined, it refers to cannabis/marijuana in general, and often the culture surrounding its use as well. It is a not-so-secret "code" used by marijuana smokers as a way to identify fellow smokers in a legal way.

    For instance, a person during class may suspect that the guy sitting next to him smokes, and wants to get a hookup. He'll discreetly slide a piece of paper to his partner with "4:20?" written on it. If he is a fellow smoker, he would get the message.

    4:20 is not the police code in Los Angeles for public smoking of marijuana although that is a popular myth. The general consensus is that it PROBABLY referred to the time of day that a group of smokers in the University of California at Berkeley came together to smoke back in the 1960s. At 4:20PM.

Homosexual. Or as the contributor puts it "To be a 182, is to be a fag. To call someone a 182. e.g. "There goes that 182.", when the band Blink 182 came out all my friends thought they were gay, so anyone we didn't like we called a 182."

Source: circa 2001, USA

Originally from the ubiquitous world wide web error message ("Page Not Found"), has now become a colloquialism for all manner of leaving, not present, or whereabouts unknown. As in "I'm 404" (I'm leaving), or "Where's Wally?" "He's 404" (Who knows) or "Are you coming to my staggeringly cool party tonight?" "Nope, I'll be 404" (Thank you, but I will be otherwise engaged at that time).

Source: USA, UK
ed: a useful little note from Kevin asking us to amend one of the entires in the Gay Slang section:

I just noticed your explanation on 429 means G.A.Y. on the phone pad, but the other meaning is For To-Night.

It's a slang that frequently used when online asking people if they are looking for action the same evening.

Satanic; "That gothic dude is 666."
Source: circa 1990's, USA (VA)
a. o. t.

To trip, fall over, etc. Short form of 'arse over tit'. Used as "I caught my foot on the cable and went a.o.t.!"

Source: circa 2005, AUS, NZ

Acronym used by British kids to refer to 'African Bum-Cleaner', but also used by Australian kids to cruelly trick the ir peers into a lose-lose situation. If they said 'yes', they were 'Aboriginal Bum-Cleaners', yet if they said 'no ', they weren't 'Australia's Best Cricketer'.


Acronym for the phrase "All coppers are bastards" which means all policemen are unpleasant, racist, nasty, and vindictive, which of course simply can't be true. Also the foundation of a favourtie song:

I'll sing you a song
It won't take very long
All coppers are bastards

abbr. A. C.rap E.ffort.

Used to alienate kids who said "ace". People who originally used "ace" to mean "good" suddenly found that the word had been redefined to mean "crap"., This was used in my part of Sheffield, South Yorkshire during the very early 90s and resulted in the total removal of the word "ace" from the school vocabulary because everyone was confused as to the meaning.

Source: circa 1990's UK (NE)
a gaans

Equivalent to the American phrase 'I’m like...' e.g. 'An' a gaans why aye!', i.e. 'And I’m like: 'oh my god!

Source: circa current, UK (NE)
a into g
Getting started on a project; abbreviated for of 'arse into gear' used as "Lord look at the time, I have to get my a into g!".
Source: circa 2002, NZ

Version 1:

'African Bum-Cleaner'. Kids in the playground would often ask each other "Would you rather be an ABC, or jump off the cliff".

Anyone who didn't know what an ABC was, and gave that answer, would be 'hilariously' informed what an ABC was. The contributor said he couldn't, and still can't, see how being an ABC was worse than jumping off the cliff.

Version 2:

In Australia (and possibly the USA) ABC's can be Australian Born Chinese

Version 3:

ABC gum (already been chewed)

Source: circa 1980's, UK
Aberdeen on a Flag Day (like ...)

Quiet, peaceful. In the UK, a "flag day" is a public charity collection day where people exchange cash for lapel badges, or flags. The Scots are stereotypically stingy with money so are presumed to rather stay indoors when there is a chance they may have to part with some. Hence the streets are empty and quiet.

Source: circa archaic, UK (Scot)
A middle-aged homosexual man who is in the closet.

(ed: The only Abigail I know of was a sexy Australian actress.)

Contraction of 'abnormal'. Trendy way to say something is odd, unusual, strange or weird - usually in some undefined way, e.g. "Dave's gone ab on me.

Bisexual. Pronounced 'aycee-deecee', e.g. "I caught Janet kissing Melanie the other day whicle John was away. I didn't know she swung both ways! She must be ac/dc.".

Source: circa 1970's - current, UK , USA