Dictionary of Playground Slang (Online)

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  1. adj.

    Worn out, tired, exhausted For example, "Any chance we can rest? I can't go any further, I'm totally zonked."

    Source: UK, USA
  2. adj.
    Extremely intoxicated; usually because of excess alcohol intake, but can apply to marijuana or other drugs. Used as "Did you see that guy at the party? He was zonked!"
    See also: pissed
    Source: circa 1998, USA (MD)

An unexpected and usually undesirable kiss; "Christ, that swamp donkey pulled a zoom-in on me last night!"

See also: swamp donkey
  1. 012

    To elude comprehension; "That zooted me. I didn't understand it at all."

    (ed: Useful word... it totally zooted me!)

    See also: zooted
    Source: circa 1997, USA (KC, MO)
  2. n.
    Drunk, pissed, extremely intoxicated; "I was so massively zooted last night!")
Intoxicated; "I was zosted last night."
Source: circa 1997, USA (NY,)