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Shortened form of "Come on!", e.g. "C'arn hurry up!" apparently another 'aussie thing'.

Source: circa current AUS
c-hair, cunt hair

A unit of measure, e.g. That (whatever) was/is as small as a c-hair.

Source: circa 2003, USA
Cabbage Looking (not so green as you're ...)

Discovered to be clever, or at least not quite so thick as previously thought.

Source: UK

(1) unco-ordinated and clumsy
(2) left-handed.

Source: UK (Wal.)

A word used to describe someone whose a gippo/pikey etc., i.e. the typical poor fuckers in yer school,

Source: circa 1990's, UK

To describe the act of pulling someone's underwear up so high that it nearly cut them in two. Quite literally cacker (shit) sarnie (sandwich). Used amongst girls and boys but mainly boys inflicting it on other boys.

See also: wedgie
Source: circa 1980 - 1986, UK (SE)
  1. n.

    Deliberate mispronunciation of the word "cock." Often used in the phrase "cack and balls," with balls being pronounced "bawls" (kinda like boo-alls).

    Source: UK
  2. n.

    As in "Cock", also used as "Horse Cack!" Or Nonsense, a feeling of disappointment. Originating from the famous Chuck Kania. When a referee makes a bad call in a game of basketball, football, hockey, etc. it is shouted out, "Horse Cack" as in Bull Shit.

    Had a message from Chuck Kania - whether it is the "famous" one or not who can say... but anyway:

    Hello, I saw that my name is in your dictionary for the word "Cack". There is also a different definition for the term "Horsecack" which is mentioned within the definition of "Cack" the alternate definition of "Horsecack" is one with a large penis; i.e. a horse cock.

    (ed: well there ya go... I wonder if it is the same guy?!?)

    Source: circa. 2001 USA

Someone who gets filled up, i.e. 'drunk under the table' on a glass and a half eg. "She's a real cadbury!".

(From the series of adverts run by Cadbury chocolate referring to the 'glass and a half' of milk in every bar')

Source: circa current, UK
Cadburys Craver

Male homosexual

See also: hudreds of similar words to be found throughout the site.
Source: UK

To get caught up, entangle. e.g. when playing conkers the strings got all caffled up.

Source: UK. (Wa)
cain hill

Cain Hill was where you "went" if you weren't right in the head. Used as "You're a nutter, you. You go to Cain 'ill". It was supposed to be a mental hospital, although whether it really existed is anyone's guess. There is a psychiatric hospital in Camberwell called The Maudsley where you would also "go" occasionally (for variety's sake presumably).

A mad bloke singing Elvis songs into a milk bottle (as a substitute microphone) was often seen outside The Maudsley at the bus stop.

Source: circa 1970's, UK (SE)
cak, cack, cacky, kak
  1. n.

    Excrement, e.g. "cack face" Also "He got kakked on for shouting in the passage.",Variations are very common all over the world. Raises difficult questions of whether words used from another language count as slang. For example, this is a direct mutated transposition from the Afrikaans "kak" for "shit" - which of course raises the question of the origin of the colour 'khaki'!

    Source: UK
  2. Mike disputes the previous suggestion about the origin saying it's of French origin the word there being caca and it is more of an infantile word than the general slang it is in UK. You will find caca in a standard French -English dictionary.

    So the widely used "cack handed" for someone clumsy is a fairly obvious extension (i.e. not very dextrous when cleaning themselves up on the WC)


Mouth, gob

Source: UK (NE)
call the wambulance
Worse than crying wolf, this means to make a fuss about nothing at all or to really exaggerate the importance of something so trivial as to be meaning less.
camaro cut

A mullet, which seems to be so often worn by those driving 1980's Camaros,

Source: circa 1980's, USA.
came up on the down train? (you think I... )

Objection to being called stupid or as a reaction to attempted trickery.

See also: irish boat
Source: UK
camels hoof, camel toe

(1) When a girls trousers are too tight and you can see the outline of her vaginal lips or her trousers appear to be giving her a "front wedgie"!! She is "showing her (Camel's) hoof off." This is because it resembles the camels hoof that has two parts and a slit in the middle.
(2) a clitoral wedgie

See also: camel toe
Source: circa 2002, UK
camp site

Any gay bar or club (or any areas where gay people hang out).

Source: UK (Mid)

Remaining in one place during a team game (e.g. CTF - Capture the Flag), usually a chokepoint or a hidden area, and picking off people.

Source: current
camping (to go ...)

Mincing up and down in front of a boy thought (or known) to be homosexual in order to humiliate him.

Source: UK (Wa)