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F.A. Cup

For person with protuding ears - like Prince Charles?

Source: circa 1990's, UK

Term used in Sandbach School, Cheshire, UK for "future head boy" - a real swotty, swot destined to be headmaster's favourite chum boy.

See also: chum, chummy
Source: UK (SE)
F.M.B.'s, "fuck me boots"

Overheard in Sydney, AUS, on several occasions during bitchy conversations, as in "Look at that creature, she's wearing FMBs!".

The origin is apparently a 1995 newspaper article in which Germaine Greer attacked Suzanne Moore, another feminist. In a review of Greer's 1999 book 'The Whole Woman' (http://www.nigelberman.co.uk/feature1_27.htm), Kira Cochrane summarised it as follows:

'It was dubbed the catfight of the year. Having repeated false allegations that Germaine Greer had had a hysterectomy, feminist columnist Suzanne Moore (then working for The Guardian) found herself the target of a stream of vitriol. "So much lipstick must rot the brain," thundered Greer, describing Moore's appearance as, "hair birds-nested all over the place, fuck-me shoes and three fat layers of cleavage." The less liberal media were ecstatic, falling on the fight like hounds. With two of Britain's most prominent feminists waging verbal warfare the papers crowed that any ideals of sisterhood had finally been proved a sham."'

Source: circa 1995 - 1999, AUS

Acronym meaning 'Fresh Off the Boat'. Generally used for minority asian or hispanic. term used to describe an illegal alien. or someone of other race other than cacausian. US, its a word that most teens and up are using against other minorities.

Source: USA
fa shizi

For Sure, fa shizi is used buh most rappers, nd ghetto livin people such as my self, and the iz is most common in new style language but could only be used with certain words, and not every word in your sentece e.g. fa shizi, well ima bout to " bizzonce" (bonce) [leave]!

(ed: I have no idea what the frock this guy is on about! Help please!)

Source: circa 2002, USA

Either (1) some one who looked like fabio barthez, (2) guys who have slicked hair, tight black pants, expensive make tops and shoes, also the crappy coats with fur round the hoods. They think that they are 'gods gift' to women. They are a bunch of dicks

Source: circa 1990's USA
face like a bag of arses


Source: circa 1990's, Ireland
face like a bulldog chewing a wasp

Description of a citizen with a face that should be kept off the streets during daylight hours - i.e. pug-ugly.

Source: UK
face like a leper licking piss off a thistle

Equivalent of saying someone "has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp". Refers to someone pulling an ugly face, or indeed can be referring to an ugly girl.

Source: UK (Mid.)
fag, faggot


Source: USA
fag farm

Gay strip club or bar.

Source: circa 1990's, USA
fag tag

The seemingly pointless 'loop' on the back of a boys/mans 'Oxford' type shirt. Many a child was caught pulling these loops off unsuspecting victims.

See also: fairy loop
Source: circa 1970's, UK (SE)

(1) homosexual

(2) insult used towards straight males.

(3) Also describes a male who dosn't do what he says he will e.g. you faggeted out!).

Source: circa 1900's +, USA

Cigarette (to Americans it brings a whole new meaning to the term suck on a fag).

See also: coffin nails
Source: circa 1920's - onwards, UK
fair dinkum

Means "Are you for real, serious, genuine?". The most well known of Australian slang expressions. Used as "Are you fair dinkum mate?"

Source: circa archaic, AUS
fairy loop

The 'loop' on the back of a boys/mans 'Oxford' type shirt. Lord knows what it's purpose was but it was fun ripping them off the victims backs!

Source: circa 1970's, USA
fairy tree

Hollow tree reputed to be inhabited by fairies. If one stood inside it one could make a wish... and it came TRUE...honest!!

Source: circa 1950's - 1960's, UK (Wal.)

Reverse meaning, i.e. used to mean not fair at all. Basically an early attempt a sarcasm; everytime a teacher made a request. e.g. "Write this down". or made an accusation "You stupid boy", we'd always reply "Fair"' or "That's fair!".

Source: circa 1980's, UK (Mid)
fall out, fell out

Quarrel usually between friends. e.g. "We used to be besties til we fell out."


Semi-mythical object of great powers., later to be revealed as a circle of rubber about 10cm in diameter coated with suction pads for holding items to bathroom surfaces.

Source: origin unknown, UK (SE)