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Acronym of 'Greatest of All Time".

Source: circa 1990's, UK

(ed: entered verbatim - I'm sure the word isn;t quite right but I can;t recall what it *shoul* be - all help apprecuiated)

Slang term for "outhouse." , Pronounced GA-BOON; rqual accent on both syllables. (Not GA-boon, or ga-BOON.) The "ga" rhymes with "la," as in "Fa-la-la."

I grew up in 1950's mid-Missouri, USA, when outhouses were still commonly used. I only heard my daddy refer to them as gaboons, though, and I don't know the origin. I'm sure he grew up saying it in the 1920's. Our 2-room country school, for instance, had two gaboons. A 3-holer for the boys, and a 3-holer for the girls. I hope someone knows more. Thanks!

Source: circa 1950's, USA (Miss.)

Male person, man.

Source: UK (NE)

Someones house or home. e.g. "Let's go around to your gaff and watch tv while your parents are out". Also used in the sense of a 'free gaff' - someones house when their parents are away, and all their friends can come over and cause havoc without parental supervision.

Source: EIRE

Person who indulges in cocaine use. Name derives from the 'gagging' sound as the coke hits the back of the throat.

Source: circa 2005, Aus

If something was good it could be said to be gallus. It's a Scottish thing. The band 'Gun' named an album after the word as they are from Scotland. It would be used like, "his trainers are gallus, by the way", Again, it's a Scottish thing. (ed: entered verbatim)

Source: UK (Scot)

A box-cart, built by ourselves for racing downhill, usually on the pavement, at breakneck speed. Very dangerous for pedestrians! Usually no brakes.

Source: circa 1960's - 70's, UK (S.Wal.)

Serial or concurrent sexual activity (including) intercourse between several males and one female - occ. willing but not necessarily.

Source: UK

To steal. Used as "He ganked their stereo.", "I'm gonna gank that CD - keep tabs for me?"

Also 'take thoughtlessly'

Source: circa 2000, USA

Greedy. Someone showing greedy tendencies.

Source: circa 1960's +, UK (NE)

(ed: entered almost verbatim)

She was fair gantin on a shag but I wisnae gonnae knob that mingin hoor. Literally "gaping" (or possibly "gasping") now used in the same sense as "gagging". Origin: Old Scots.

Source: circa 1900 +, UK (Scot)

Refuse collection and removal operative - binman.

Source: AUS

Person of low intellect. This was used at the contributors school due to the fact that the thickest kids (in stream five) did a subject termed "Rural Studies" instead of the usual curriculum, this was basically gardening. Gardeners did enjoy some perks such as their own shed in which they smoked and kept extensive porno mag collections.

Source: circa 1980's, UK
gary, garys

Derogatory term used to describe to the checked Ben Sherman shirt, black jeans and shiny loafer wearing louts who risk spontaneous combustion in a busy pub due to the volume of gel used to adhere their cropped hair to their foreheads. Similar terms are used depending on the geographical area, such as Kevins(St. Albans, Berks, UK), and Darrens (Yately, Hants, UK).

Source: circa 1995, UK (SE)
gary boy

Boy Racer. Someone who spends lots of money on making their car look good. Has tinted windows and a very loud sound system and drives round and round the town centre day and night. lots of these 'Gary boys' can be found in Essex. Gary boy's are similar to kev's.

See also: riceboy
Source: circa 1995, UK (SE)
gas bomb

Used to describe the act of sitting on a hard surface (often a garden wall or playground floor) to delay the imminent force of the need for a 'number 2'. "I'm going to do a gasbomb". Gas bombs usually lasted from 1 to 5 minutes, until the offending sensation had subsided. , This would often give you about 20 minutes more play before the need for the toilet or another (often increasingly harder to contain) Gas Bomb. A successful gas bomb would normally be met with the expression "I've caved it". Implying the offending number 2 had been forced into hibernation for a while. An unsuccessful gas bomb (rare, but have been done), does not warrant description.

See also: turtles head
Source: circa 1980's, UK
gas pedal

When two people are fighting (usually girls) and one is down on the ground on their back, and the other person pulls their legs up in the air and kicks them in between the legs.

Source: UK

Someone with a lot of rabbit, or verbal diahrhoea, i.e. unable to stop talking.

See also: gas, rabbit

(1) Broken, not working properly.

(2) Female genital area, clitoris, as in "That girl's trash - she'll flash her gash for cash!".

Source: circa 1990's, UK
  1. n.

    Petrol (in the USA).

  2. 012

    To talk incessantly, hence 'gasbag' for someone who seems unable to shut up.

    See also: gasbag