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(ed: this one I'm embarrassed to say I had to ask the meaning for... obvious once you know of course... but I've added Scott's explanation almost verbatim - d'oh!)

I discovered this bit of slang, or more precisely, this acronym while perusing through my 13 year-old's school annual.

A considerable number of well wishes from his school chums ended with the letters H A G S. At first glance (and primarily due to poor penmanship), I thought it read, HUGS. It was only upon close examination and the concern on my part that some of these year end messages were from his male friends, that I realized that the letters were in fact, H A G S.

Could this possibly mean that all these sentiments were from less than attractive young ladies? Confused, I resorted to a most heinous act...I asked my son what it meant.

After enduring the " I can't believe your asking me this, rolling the eyeballs to the heavens" pre-teen stare, he replied simply, "H ave A G reat S ummer."

(ed: see what I mean?)

hack, hacker

(1) a foul in football

(2) someone prone to fouling the opposition/someone who just fouled a player.

Source: circa 1990's, UK (NE)

Ugly. Used to insult someone or describe something, to say they or it is ugly.

Source: circa 1960's, UK (Scot)

(1) accomplish, attempt

(2) someone who fancies himself as a computer expert because he knows where the power switches are (not to be confused with Hackers who really know systems)

(3) accomplish or make attempt.

Source: UK (NE)
had on

Request for another to wait for your arrival. A contraction of 'haad on' which in turn means 'hold on'!

haddaway and shite

Used on somone being annoying, or "talking rubbish" as in "Awh, haddaway and shite man". It is term from the dialect from Yorkshire (UK) which in fact means "Please leave my immediate vicinity and defecate.". Has nothing to do with the singer called Haddaway. Toby says the following about this definition:

In your translation of "haddaway and shite" you state that this comes from a "place called Yorkshire", now, anyone with either half a braincell or the slightest idea about England would know that it comes from Newcastle, actually on the other side of the country....numbnuts...sort it out.

(ed: I wonder if them as hails from Yorkshire will take this lying down??)

Source: UK (NE)

Baldy - pronounced "ha-gay". Children often called each other this name.

Source: circa current, JAP.
hairy eyeball

A hostile or dubious gaze or facial expression. Used as "That guy was giving us the hairy eyeball!".

Thanks to Adrienne we now know this was used at least as far back as 1966 by Arlo Guthrie.

Source: circa 1960's - 2003, UK (Scot.)
hait, hate

Love, be attracted to. Reversed term. Used as "I hait you and you hait me so why dont we go out together?" Term mainly used by teenagers now-a-days to confuse each other and adults. . Hait is a contextual word for The contributor says he usually uses it as a relpacement for 'love' when around parents so they dont know what's being talked about. Hait is pronounced just like hate. But with different meanings. Contributor really likes this word because they think it is really funny to see peoples expressions when you say you hait them... Isn't suggesting saying it to a girl/boy friend. The word has just recently become a popular slang term and is used frequently on the streets.

Source: circa 2001, USA
half a cuntful

Small, insignificant amount.

(ed: I'd question that but my wife is standing nearby)

Source: circa current, UK

Suffering the results of too large an intake of alcohol. Effects of alcoholic poisoning. Basically pissed out of your head.

Source: circa 2001, CAN

Sanitary towel (term usu. used by males) From the puerile joke "hammock for a lazy cunt".

See also: jamrag
Source: UK (Wa)

Somebody (usually a boy) with no pubic hair. Often used in phrases such as "You a ham?" or "You're a ham aren't you?". It was once used as an example of dialect in a top set English lesson, much to the amusement of the students!

Source: circa 2000 +, UK (SE)
hand jive

Masturbation. Describes giving a guy a "wank". Taken from the movie "Grease" where they are all singing and dancing in the gym hall. The dance moves are all highly appropriate.

Did you give him a hand jive?
Source: circa 1980's, USA

To masturbate a male manually. Stimulate the penis by rubbing with the hand - usually to ejaculation.

I'm on the rags so I had to give my boyfriend a hand-job.
Source: circa current, UK

Clothing passed down the family, used to be quite common but now is considered to be more of a poor persons thing. The contributor says wee cousins take some old stuff and so does the brother, funny part is she's a girl

Source: circa 1930's +, UK (Scot.)
hand shandy, handy shandy


Source: circa 1980's, UK
hand-to-gland combat

Energetic masturbation session.

Source: AUS
hang five
  1. 012

    Surfie term where you stand at the head of the board with five toes over the nose.

  2. colloq.

    Request for a time out, i.e. for a 5 minute interregnum. 'Hip' way of asking someone to wait.

    Source: circa 1960's, USA (Calif.)
hang in there

Maintain effort. Keep going. Don't surrender. Contributor says the ODPS site is chidísimo (in Mexican slang very good, beautiful) which is nice to hear!

Source: circa 1960's +, USA