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Accompanied by a rubbing of the chin it was used to indicate that someone was being a little "liberal with the truth." Normally followed by the person's name which typically ended in ' -eh' e.g "Jaaar harr-eh"

Source: UK (ME)

Insult, especially used towards anyone considered 'tubby. Used as "You fat Jabba", or "He/She's a fat Jabba", or "Hey Jabba!" The third Star Wars film introduced a new word into playground slang all large kids henceforth being comparred to the slug-like alien of the opening sequence. Very rarely used without being preceded by the adjective 'fat'.

Source: circa 1990's, UK

Similar in form and effect to 'clogsies' and 'injectified' but added a dimension whereby one could shout "Jab for life" which indicated that the involved party could not be tagged for the rest of the ad-hoc game.

Source: circa 1970's, UK
jack baller

Jack baller aka hoe or chicken head. Jack baller is a woman who proforms oral on a man. Stacy is a Jack baller.

(ed: added verbatim - but I wonder who Stacey is?)

Source: USA
jack off

Masturbate. (term usu. applied to males)

Source: circa 1950's +, USA
jack shit

Zero, nothing, generally used with negative connotations, e.g. "You're a nerd. You know kack shit about street life!".

Source: circa. current, USA
jack the biscuit

Something really good. Used as "I feel like Jack the biscuit in my new trainers.".

Information from "The Hat" tells us that "Jack the biscuit" was apparently another name given to Jack "The Hat" McVitie (he who was killed by the Krays). He was known as Jack "The Hat", because he wore a hat, and Jack "The Biscuit" in reference to his surname McVitie.

Source: circa 1990's, UK

Whenever someone at school would start telling something that was clearly a made-up story (or seriously exaggerated), it was the duty of those listening to start chanting "Jackanory" in order to humiliate the story-teller. Jackanory was the name of a BBC TV story-telling programme. (Jackanory, Jackanory, Jachanory.... )

Source: circa 1980's, UK (SE)

Someone who has been uneccessarily rude to another. For example, as in stood up or 'dissed'. "Emily is a jacker", "Joe totally jacked tonight" meaning she/he was jerk or stood a person up, or 'dissed' someone.

Source: circa 2002, USA

A string of small explosive firewords created by packing a small amount of gunpowder into a long tube of brown paper along with a thin fuse. The paper is then "pinched" and folded such that it looks something like a series of attached z's. The effect is that when the fuse is lit the first part explodes sending the firework in an unpredictable direction. The fuse continues to burn exploding each section of the firework in turn. Throwing a lit jacky- jumper into a crowd of kids was always good for a laugh... unless they (or an adult) caught you.

See also: banger
Source: UK (Wa)

To steal. To 'jack' something, e.g. "Hey. Someone jacked my calculator!", "Chelsea tried to jack my pen, that bitch.".

Source: circa 2000, USA (W), UK

(1) Person with "seedless" sperm i.e. "firing blanks" or having "no lead in their pencil" - used by David Jason as Derek Trotter, aka "Del Boy", in the TV series "Only Fools and Horses".

(2) A person with enormous bollocks.

Source: UK

Thorn, as in Jagger Bush.

(ed: anyone want to explain what this means please?)

Source: circa 1960's, USA (Pitt.)
jagoff, jerkoff, jackoff

Regional term used heavily in the Chicago area. Refers to one who is useless, clueless, or generally an idiot. e.g. "The guy in the '89 Mustang with the mullet is SUCH a jagoff". Possibly a USA translation of the Euro-Yiddish term "schmuck", but more likely derived similarly to terms such as "wanker" etc.

Source: USA

Basically meaning fake or a poor imitation of something. It's pronounced with a thick scouse accent for full effect so it sound like 'jaaag'; used as "Your trainers are well jarg!"

See also: blag
jake (2)

Poor person, smelly, wears Oxfam clothing and hand-me-downs. Contributor said he used to have a 'jake' in primary school. His name was Frank and smelled of piss.

Source: circa 1980's, UK (Scot.)

Satisfactory. e.g. "Do what I ask and it will be jake!"

jam sandwich

Police Car. Relates to the colouring whitch is white on top and bottom with a red strip in the middle.

Source: UK
jamboree bag

Also known as 'lucky bags'. Inexpensive pre-packed bag of sweets of various kinds - often included a toy or "charm".

See also: lucky bag
Source: UK

To have some good luck, Used as an expression of disbelief to someone elses good luck. Tended to be followed by a slight insult e.g. : "You jammy get" (get = git)

Source: UK (Wal.)