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kakit squares

It was only ever at the contributors junior school in Kent, and was named after Karen Kakit. She was the school fleabag, who bizarrely had left several years before he started there! The idea was, that the strange squares you get set into the floor of corridors, with the metal grid around them, were the squares, and if you stood on one you had fleas, unless of course, you had feynites when you were safe! You still felt a bit dirty then though, so it was best to jump over them!

Source: UK (SE)
kangaroos in the top paddock (got a few ...)

A little mentally ambiguous. Prone to saying/doing strange things.

Source: circa current, AUS
kappa slappa

Someone who wears Kappa clothes all the time. From Kappa, trade name for range of "outdoor clothing".

Source: UK (Scot.)

(1) a handicapped person. (2) an excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

See also: spack, mentler, joey, flid
Source: UK (NW)
kate spade

Good Long love (it means the guy promised not to leave).

(ed: ???)

Source: USA

(1) trousers

(2) underpants

Source: AUS, UK
kecky rosburg

More or less a Wedgie. Kiki Rosberg was a Formula 1 driver, so his name was bastardised. Contributor doesn't know whether the racing driver connection had any 'skid' connotations.

See also: wedgie
Source: AUS, UK

Boot-licker, brown-noser, suck-up, or sycophant

Source: CAN
keep dog

Keep lookout, guard dog. When a group realise an unforeseen opportunity of theft and it there is sufficient reason to believe the proprietor, teacher, dinner lady is nearby. The lesser-experienced member is nominated to keep dog. Unfortunately inexperience is highlighted in the breakdown of communication between keep dog and the perpetrators. Normally ending in a panicked getaway. Often dog is caught, being the last person leaving the scene. This is due to inexperience and holding the responsibility to inform every member as danger nears.

Source: circa 1980's, UK

Unkind name shouted at girls with "fat" calves or thighs or (more especially) calves.

See also: cankle
Source: circa 1960's, UK

Contributor wrote the following (entered verbatim):

"While having intercourse my girlfriend stoppped and started doing kegels., does anyone out there know what kegels mean!!! alls i knwo is that it ahs to do with sexual stuff!! Please help figure out what this word means. I will die if i don't find out!!!!"

So if anyone can help, please send a definition in and also let us know where it was used and when.

(ed: this entry has produced dozens of responses telling us the what, when and how of kegels. The exercises themselves aren't a surprise, but what amazes me is the number of people who've looked it up!! But I promise I'll get round to adding the best soon.)


Large bruise or lump on head. Usually discoloured and/or painful.

Source: UK


See also: kecks
Source: circa 1970's, UK (NE)
kentucky waterfall

A mullet haircut, in homage to the state of Kentucky, where often a mullet is found. (ed: ok but what does it look like compared to the normal mullet?)

See also: camaro cut
Source: circa 1990's, USA
kentucky wrist-watch

When a man wraps his penis completley around a womans wrist (sometimes twice around!). I have no idea what the point of this is, maybe to show off length??? All I know is that male strippers in New Orleans, Louisiana do it to female lap dance patrons, along with other displays of "talent" that can only be considered highly odd.

Now people can be considered fairly well warned in case anyone ever asks them if they want one. (ed: what do you call it when you can only wrap it round your little finger once?)

Source: circa 2000, USA

Commotion; flurry of agitation.

Source: CAN
ket, ketts

Sweets. Any confectionary product certain to cause cancer and advanced tooth decay.. Used as "Here man, give us one of ya ketts!" Sweet (kett) as in cola cubes, midget gems, fruit pastiles etc.

Source: circa 1980's, UK (NE)
kevin, kev

A male of a low socio-economic class with reluctant facial hair who drives a Ford Escort, has an underage girlfriend, and wears lots of sports gear. More specific than a NED, they would take their cars to local parks to pracice handbreak turns etc.

The contributor has researched this word quite extensively and offers some regional variations:
JAMMER (East Birmingham)
CHARVER (Newcastle and Carlisle)
DUSTBIN (Tamworth)

In North Birmingham the female equivalent was called a SHARON/SHAZ/SHAZZA.

See also: ned, sharon
Source: circa 1980's, UK (Mid)

A "shout". Conveyed temporary immunity during certain games. Usually accompanied by a thumbs up sign.

Source: UK (Sc)
kick down

To give, provide.

I'll kick down a cigarette to you.
Source: USA