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Enormous, huge. From massive, mega.

See also: mungous
Source: UK (SE)
macho test, the

A test of one's machismo conducted by rubbing at the forearm with an eraser until the skin is rubbed raw. Called a "macho test" it was really more a test of one's stupidity in grade school (where my classmates were conducting it). What basically happened was one would take those basic pink school erasers, or the eraser from a pencil, and rub the forearm vigorously until multiple layers of skin and forearm hair were removed, leaving the area bald, shiny, and very very very raw.

The fact that one could do this to themselves and endure it was supposed to be a testament to their machismo.

Source: circa 1981 - 1983, USA

An expression of disinterest. An imitation of the noise made by the computer game PACMAN when a ghost is devoured.

See also: biggins
Source: UK (SE)

Word used to emphasise effect. Can be used as 'really'. Used as "That test was MAD hard", i.e. 'That test was really hard".

Source: circa 1990's, USA

A maggot is what SlipKnoT calls their hard core fans. For example, "Maggots all around the nation impatiently waited for SlipKnoTs 'IOWA' to be released.".

Source: circa current, USA
maggot (stiff ...)

Small penis.From Darren R. at Greensward School, who got a stiffy in the shower after rugby and started playing with it.

magics, magic mushrooms

Remarkably the little beaut's grow profusely every September/October on the local school fields, golf courses etc. around Sandbach, Cheshire, UK Shortly after growth, mushy eaters can be seen grazing (and gagging due to the musty flavour).

(ed: I know nothing of this - honest officer!)

Source: UK (SE)

One who has testicles of magic property or great strength. Contributor says he has a pair of magno-knads but Im not bragging!

(ed: don't call us - and we'll not call you!).

Source: circa 2000, UK
main squeeze

Indicates a person is a particular favoured partner. For example "I date Jessie now and then but Helen is my main squeeze".

Source: circa 1950's - 70's, USA, UK
major (1)

Used almost exclusively by girls to signify an erection, as in "Look he's got a major!"

See also: stiffy
Source: circa 2000, AUS
major (2)

Used in similar fashion to "brilliant" or "cool". Often used alone, or to describe something or as a substitute for the word "really". Currently used by girls aged about 16 in a comprehensive school in Essex.

Source: UK

Something particularly good. Used as "You should have been there - it was major!"

(ed: and yet there was John Major <shudder>)

making out

Extended session of passionate kissing and petting.

Source: USA

Having a lack of coordination. An abbrev. of mal-coordinated. Handy for shouting at goalkeepers who have two left hands and all thumbs!

Source: circa 1990's, UK

A person discovered by his peers, in changing rooms and similar, to be without pubic hair. Used as "He's a mallet!!", or "You're a mallet!".

See also: ham
Source: UK

Homosexual. Used as term of abuse to describe somebody who was gay (or appeared to be). Also used to describe the act of homosexual intercourse (ie. "He mallied him!") f. Allegedly, the word came into use following an incident with a boy named "Malcolm" and another man, but has since found to be untrue. However, the word remained in use at the contributors school in Durham for many years after the supposed event.

Source: UK (NE)


See also: greeting
Source: circa current, UK (NE)

Fat bastard.

man boobs

Describe a boys undefined, or flabby pectorals. Always reminds me of the Jerry Seinfeld episode Where Kramer and George's father try to develop the 'Bro' or 'Mansierre'.

Source: circa 1990's, UK

Useless swimming stroke based on Patrick Duffy in the television series.