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Acronym for "no mates club". A member of the nmc describes one without any friends. A "president" is someone with absotultely and utterly no mates. Member of nbnmc = "nasty bastard no mates club" describes someone who espouses to have chosen to have no mates because he's a nasty bastard. Interestingly one would take pride in announcing he was a member of the the "nbnmc". ( a variation was "Billy No Mates" used around Oldham, UK)

Source: UK (NE)

Acronym for 'naughty nasty sick'.

Source: circa. 2000, USA

The informal variant of "no", like 'yeah for yes. Note, the apostrophe denotes a glottal stop. It wasn't "nah " or "naaah", it was "na'"

(ed: glad we got that sorted then!)

Source: circa current, UK (NE)

Squealing exclamation uttered when someone unwittingly makes a comment which could be interpreted as being of homosexual in nature, or if a pupil (or teacher) of questionable sexuality walked into the room. A corruption of nice.

See also: eeearrr
Source: UK (SE)

Being "messed around" For example "He naaied her last night.", "He got naaied by the headmaster.". To naai means to fuck in a sexual sense (from the afrikaans for fuck (sexual sense), naai). To get naaied means to be "fucked around" in a non sexual sense. f. Afrikaans and original Dutch.

See also: naai, naaien
Source: S. Africa

To perform an act of sexual intercourse with, to fuck. To naai means "to fuck" in a sexual sense From Afrikaans and Dutch.

See also: naaied, naaien
Source: S. Africa

Nothing From Latin, Spanish.

Source: circa current, USA
nads, nadgers

Testicles - abbr. of Gonads.

Source: circa 1970's onwards, UK

(1) Acronym used in 'polari' the pre-outing 'gay language' to signify someone ''N'ot 'A'vailable 'F'or 'F'ucking', also used to mean 'drab' or 'bad'. Entered 'mainstream' language scene after Princess Anne once famously told a reporter to "Naff off!".

(2) euphamism for 'fuck', e.g. "Naff off!"

(3) of poor quality, daggy!

Source: UK (Wal.)

Racing slang for horse, hence an 'old' female. Also a term for repetitive complaints about undone tasks.

Source: UK
nailed (getting ...)

Being on the receiving end of sexual penetration.

Source: USA

(1) Hard case. someone who is fit and good at fighting, tough guy, Julian Clary on steroids.

(2) Positive expression. Agreement. Used interjectively to denote agreement or pleasure. Usage similar to 'cool'.

Source: circa 1990's, UK (Wal.), (SW)

An 'intensifier' that rhymes with 'bairn' and 'cairn'. Use as "Nairn size!", i.e. "That's huge!".

Mark wrote in and suggested a possible origin of 'nairn. He remembered that he also used to say 'nairn' or 'nen' to mean “none”, as in "Giz' a sweet man Baz?", who might reply "Aa've got nairn left man!", i.e. "I've got none left!".

This might have then been used as an intensifier when it became cool in the late '80's to use negatives and opposites as intensifiers, e.g. 'little ex' ('excellent').

Source: circa 1980's - 1990's, UK (NE)
nancy boy

(1) an effeminate homosexual.

(2) male considered to act "like a girl".

Source: UK (SE)

Means 'wicked', 'good'. Used as "Cor, that's nang." or, more phonetically,(cor, dass nang). Heard spoken by a white child, but possibly influenced by Black London English.

Source: circa current, UK (S)
nark, narc

Originally criminal slang for individual who gave details of crimes and criminals to the police in return for protection, cash or favours. Because of the pronunciation, it was associated with undercover narcotics officers but the meaning has mutated over time to mean:

(1) Original meaning of anyone suspected of being a turncoat or tattle tale.

(2) any member of the police services. Can also be used as a verb.

Source: circa current, UK

State of irritation, e.g. someone could be said to be "dead narked". Also used as a taunt, eg the losers in a game of British Bulldogs could be taunted with chant of "Nark On! Nark On!".

Source: circa 1980's, UK (NE)

Sexy, erotic. Contributor sent in the following definition but whether it accurately gives the intended impression I leave to you to judge:

"I was talking to a dj that worked next door to where I worked. I called into the radio station that he worked at and he asked me which one are you again? I told him my name, and he responded with "Oh yeah, I remember you now, your the hot nasty waitress that works there. Well, I never dated him or talked dirty with him when he came into the store. I never wear wild clothes. So why would he get the impression that I was nasty? I didn't talk much with him at all and when I did it was plain stuff like talking about brussels sprouts? That's erotic? Don't know."

Source: circa 1990's, USA

Neb is to nose as lug is to ear.

See also: lug
Source: circa 1980's - 90's, UK (NE)
neck blanket

A mullet haircut.

Source: circa 1990's, USA