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To talk. From the cockney rhyming slang 'Rabbit and pork' = talk.

See also: gas, witter
rack (2)

Female breasts when looked at as a 'matching pair'. Used as "Good afternoon Miss. May I compliment you on your possession of an excellent rack!" (note: this sentence is usually followed close on by a smack around the face).

rack off

Used e.g. "Please go away you are annoying me.".

Source: AUS

A kick to the testicles. Racking is when a boy is kicked in the privates. Girls use it as a threat, but many girls have racked a boy at one time or another. e.g. "Leave me alone or I'll rack you!!". Not surprisingly, this usually has the effect of making a young male take a few steps back out of close range.

Source: UK (NE)

Mental, in a daft state of mind. Used as "Are you radged?".

Source: circa 1980's - 1990's, UK (NE, NW)

A fit, getting angry or lashing out.

Source: UK (NE)
radgie gadgie, radgeheed

Someone prone to flying off the handle; unstable or crazed

Source: UK (NE)
Basically short for 'radical'... or 'different but good'. In school nearly *everything* outside school was considered rad at one time or another.
Source: UK

Acronym for 'ruff as fuck'. A way of insulting a nearby girl without her knowing, e.g. "You won't like her she's with the RAF"

Source: circa 2000, UK, AUS
rag (off his ...)

Someone who has lost their temper.

Source: UK (Wal.)
rag (on the ...)

Indicates being in the midst of a menstrual cycle... has come to connote being cranky.

Source: USA
rag week

(1) That 'time of the month' when a female is in the period of menstration. If a female got aggressive during this time it would be said that it must be "rag week".

A period of the University year dedicated to the raising of money for charity by students. Generally it involves production of a 'joke book' of varying levels of humour which is supported (by advertising) by assorted local businesses and sold in pubs, shops and on the streets during the Rag Week procession.

This follows a 'theme' such as 'Give til it hurts' and involves students dressing (or undressing) in a weird an wonderful variety of clothes and then getting totally pissed or stoned in the local afterwards. Good fun!

Source: circa 1930's - 1980's +, onwards UK

Vaguely insulting and derogatory terms for anyone who wears a turban - especially if of Arab extraction. The sort of people who use this term pronounce Arab with the emphasis on the 'A' making the word 'A-rab'.

Source: circa 1990's, USA, UK, AUS

Convertable cars.

Source: circa 1980's, USA

Not good, unpleasant event. Typically used as "oh Rahom" if something has displeased you, typically used with a roll of the hand in the "wanker" position turned through 90 degrees.

Source: circa 1960's, UK (S)
rammel, rammy

Untidy posssessions. "Clear your rammel off the bedroom floor before you go out". Also leads to "Rammy - untidy, poor quality or messy" ,

Source: circa 2002, UK

Basically it meant a minature riot. Usual location for these was in school corridors. Situation arose when crownds of children tried to pass each other when there too little room to do so easily. Usual times for a rammy to occur was between classes and occasionally when people tried to skip the lunch queue.

See also: bundle
Source: UK (Scot.)
ramp, the

Landmark found in most provincial towns, consisting of a BMX stunt ramp put up by the council in 1986 exactly when the last BMX was sold, used briefly by skateboarders in the early 1990s and now a hangout for junior druggies featured on the cover of the local paper every year with the headline "DRUG-INFESTED EYESORE MUST GO".

See also: BMX, bran

Scruffy, smelly obnoxious tramp (the hobo not the female with liberated sexual attitudes). Rhymes with tramp, first used in a rather delightful poem about an old tramp called Harry Ramp:

"Harry Ramp,
The parafin lamp,
Was a dirty bamp..."

(ed: no idea if there are more lines or verses. Would appreciate them if there are any to send in)

See also: bamp, tramp
Source: circa 1980's, UK (NE)

Gross, awful, stinking, awful.

Source: circa 1950's, UK