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Abbreviation of 'School Boy Error'. Used to denote profoundly basic error, such as going to pay for something in a shop and realising you've forgotten your wallet.

Source: circa 2000, UK
S/he who smelt it, dealt it

Phrase used to place accusation upon someone who has announced that they've detected ass-gas in the air, i.e. someone farted. Upon accusation, the victim could retort with 'S/he who supplied it, denied it'. Another response was "The one who said the rhyme committed the crime"!

Source: circa current, USA, UK

Acronym for "sensitive new age guy" - i.e. one who is "in touch with his feminine side". Was once a compliment for guys who treated women as real people instead of sex objects, but has now become something of an insult since guys realised that adopting this as a facade was just another good way of getting into a girls knickers.

Source: circa 1980 - 1990's UK

Acronym meaning 'shit outta luck'. Used when someone has had a misfortunate occurence. Used as "He's s.o.l."

Source: circa. 2002, USA

Same Old Shit. Generally used in response to the question "What're you up to?" or "Whatcha been doing?".

Source: circa 1990's, UK

Acronym for (s)chizophrenic, (s)pasticated, (d)emented, (m)ongol, which are people that do not how to behave properly and when don't get their own way act like a spoilt brat.

Source: circa 1980's, UK
sack, hit the sack

Go to bed

Source: UK
sack, sac

(1) Scrotum. Used as "I'm going to kick you in the sack.".

(2) Beanbag. Commonly on the television show South Park

Source: circa 1990's, USA
sack wack

Standing next to ya best mates, without notice you wack his scrotum really hard and yell out sack wack.

See also: fweep
Source: circa 1990's, AUS
sad, saddo, sad case
  1. adj.

    Commonly used everywhere to describe people who don't fit in, don't have any style, or wear the right clothes to be part of any faction. These people are the nerds and geeks of the world. Sad people are not necessarily miserable, but are often picked on mercilessly, and so don't have a great time at school.

    (ed: looks like I had a sad time at school... hey that's right!!)

    Source: UK (SE)
  2. n.
    Of poor quality; "This is a sad car.".
  3. adv.
    Displeasing; uncool; "That was a sad party."
    Source: circa 1990's, USA (CA)

At the contributors school, and outside, the "Saddle" was given to the passenger, always in response to the request to "give us a saddle"; particularly (as at that school they were not normally allowed to bring their bikes ). During that miraculous week of Cycling Proficiency Tests, where they WERE allowed (if taking part) to bring their bikes in. The 10 or so pupils undergoing the test would be harangued by the 490 others to "give us saddle" on the way home.

Source: circa 1970's, UK (SE)
saddle bag

(1) girl (usu.) supposedly of "easy virtue", i.e. available for sexual purposes when required.

(2) used by women to describe extra layers of fat on their hips, e.g. "I've got to get rid of these saddle bags.".


To ride on the back of someones bike while s/he pedalled in a standing position).

See also: backer
Source: UK (SE)
safe (2)

(1) rectum

(2) uterus or womb. These definitions mainly used amongst prison populations.

(ed: a different sort of playground?)

Source: circa current, USA
safe pub

The one of a small number of local pubs which serve children with alcohol without requesting identification. Minor customers are generally kept in a very cold backroom.

safety meeting
A break in the workday when employees gather to ingest drugs; "There is going to be a safety meeting in 5 minutes."
Source: circa 1990's, USA (CA)

Greeting, or agreement.

Source: UK
sag off

Bunk off school, i.e be absent without permnission. Kids sagging off often said to be suffering from "saggeritis disease".

salad dodger

Overweight person.

Source: AUS
salary man
A business man. Origin: Japanese English.
Source: circa 1990's, JAP