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adj. acronym

"up the arse". A way of telling someone where to stick their request, instruction, order etc. that can be used in polite society.

Source: circa 2000. USA.

Very, extremely; "That band is uber hip".

Source: circa 1990's, USA (KY) [Origin: German language]

usually used when witnessing of hearing of another's wrong doing. eg Someone drops a glass of milk: "Ummaa, look what you did." A kid might punch another: "Umma, I'm dobbing.", used heaps!!! often by itself usually puts the speaker in a place of authority: they know it was wrong and that knowledge is power.

Source: UK, USA, NZ, AUS

An unknown (but large) number.

Source: UK.


Source: [Origin: Shakespeare's Hamlet.]
uncle mac

Not slang but I used to love listening to him I remember with happiness hearing old favourited like Peter and the Wolf, Sparky and the Magic Piano, The Runaway Train etc.

Uncle Mac never moved with the times and didn't really like modern music, but we loved him anyway.

Source: UK

Unco-ordinated, i.e. unable to perform simple tasks.

Source: circa 1980's, UK

Underwear - from the tradename 'Daks', trouser makers in Australia

Source: circa 1950's, AUS

Common playground activity of pushing a friend on a swing then running underneath the swinger.

I find that people in Michigan and the midwest have heard of the term but can't recall its origins.Friends from other regions of the country have neaver heard of the term. It was is use before the Underdog cartoon program aired.

Source: USA (Mich)

Special Needs Unit at the contributors school (one of the earliest set up in the country) and to be "Unit" was to be strange in some way - if anyone did anything odd they had "Unit" chanted at them for a while. It's roughly equivalent to "Joey", said in two deliberately long syllables as "Uuuuu-nittttt".

See also: joey, spaz
Source: circa 1970s-1980s. UK
up (one's) butt

Obsessed with another person; "She's totally up his butt."

Source: circa 1996, USA (KY)
up in (one's) grill

In one's 'personal space'; "Towards the end of the fight, they were both up in each other's grill."

Source: circa 1990's, USA (KY)
up Jack's ass picking daisies

Sarcastic phrase used in one of two ways:

1) As a response to a question to which the answer was not known and not cared about, eg "Where's Lee gone?". Response is "Hes up Jack's ass picking daisies".


2) A response to a question whose answer was patently obvious. E.g. you see Lee doing some painting and ask. "What are you doing Lee?". Lee responds "I'm up Jacks ass picking daisies".

Source: circa 1970's - 80's, UK (SW)
up on blocks

Menstruating i.e. out of action, a bit like a car in a garage. e.g. "I don't think I'll be in luck tonight lads, the missus is up on blocks".

up the butt

An excessive amount, usually too much; "I've got e-mail up the butt!".

Source: circa 1990's, USA (CA)
up the duff

Pregnant. A derivation of "in the club" but of unknown origin.

Up-The-Hill Gardener

male homosexual

See also: any one of hundreds of other terms in here.
Source: UK
up your butt and around the corner

Just a 'comeback' answer when someone says something clever to insult you and you can't think of anything sensible to respond with.

Source: circa 1990's, USA
uphill gardener


Source: circa 1990s. UK.
upper decker

Nasty prank in which a person craps into the upper, tank part of the toilet. The unsuspecting victim is left to wonder why his/her toilet water is brown for weeks after.

Source: USA