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n. Acronym

"Visible panty line". Used to describe being able to see the lines of someones pants through their trousers.

Source: circa 1990s onwards. UK.
  1. n.


  2. n.

    An excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

    See also: vaj
vagina decliner



Word shouted to give you protection and exclude you from attach during a game of add of british bulldog etc., Not sure of spelling.

Source: UK

vagina. Insult in the vein of "You're a fanny" e.g. "Ya fuckin' vaj!" Sometimes elaborated upon to produce the eclectic 'vaj-badge' for purely poetic reasons only.

See also: vadge
Source: UK.
vee dub

Female genitalia when shaved. So named from the shape of the Volkswagon beetle bonnet, e,g, "I screwed Jennie last night - did you know she was vee dubbed??"

Source: USA
vees (flick the ...)

"Flick the vees". To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting.

See also: vick
Source: UK
vegemite valley

"Travelling up the vegemite valley". Anus/Rectum (usu. with homosexual connotations).

Source: AUS
veggie, vedgie
n. derog.

Term for someone considered mentally deficient or brain damaged.Contraction of "vegetable".

Source: AUS
012 ; abbr. vegetate

Take it easy or to do nothing and enjoy it.

Synonym: veg out.
Source: USA, AUS, UK

Lesbian. Refers to atttraction of pubic hair.

Source: circa 1990s. USA.

to compete against, as in sports Used as in "We're versing the Mets in our first game." Heard around schools in Seattle.

Synonym: versing
Source: USA
vertical bacon sandwich

Unflattering name for female genitalia

See also: vertical smile
Source: circa 2003, UK
vertical smile

Describes the female genitalia seen from the position of the girl lying on her back (or belly, of course). For example, "I wasn't sure I was going to get lucky, but then she showed me her vertical smile".

Source: circa 2000, AUS

Very angry; "He was getting all vexed.".

Source: circa 1998, CAN (TO)
  1. n.

    Feelings, premonitions; "I'm picking up some pretty negative vibes.".

  2. To get along well in a relationship; "I like him a lot, I think we could vibe!"

    Source: circa 1990's, USA (OM)

"Flick the vick". To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting. e.g. "I gave that maths teacher the vick this morning."

'V' sign using two fingers has long been a signal of contempt. It originated during the interminable wars between the English and the French. The French were in awe of the English longbow-men. If the French managed to capture any of the bowmen, their practice was to sever the two "string" fingers of the right hand thus rendering them permanently incapable of using a bow.

It thus became a symbol of contempt and derision for those English bowmen who still possessed their fingers, to wave them at the opposing side.

During World War Two, Winston Churchill used it either way round, to signify "victory", and the shortened somewhat "politer" name of the action has since dropped into common useage since as "the vick", though the original expression "flick the vees" is still used in alongside the newer term.

Synonym: vicky
See also: vees
Source: UK

A video; "Let's go rent a vid and chill."

vinegar strokes

Said to be the last strokes of sexual intercourse or masturbation immediately prior to ejaculation.

viper neck grip

A tight squeeze on the back of the neck of an unsuspecting victim. Grip is usually made by the thumb separated from the other four fingers. The fingers are then formed around the back of the victim's neck and pressure is then applied. Usually causing the victim to scrunch shoulders up and cause the release of the shocking grip. Be careful, friends have become enemies over this attack! (ed: err...??)

Source: circa 1970s. USA.