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Anybody else experice this insult-fad? The fingers of your hand are placed underneath the chin facing outwards, so your hand is kind of curved in a 'C' and your fingernails are resting under your chin... with a quick outwards flick and a highpitched 'WAAAAAAH' perfectly synchronized to create the ultimate insult.

(ed: sounds a bit like the 'chinney-reck-on' thing?

Source: circa 1990's, AUS


Source: circa 2002, USA

Insane. In the UK the term became popularised by singer, Michael Jacksons peculiar behaviour and be became known as "Wacko Jacko".

(ed: as at Nov. 2003, Michael is in trouble again 12 years after he was last accused of molesting little boys)


The whole way, load. "He was so scared he cakked his wack".

Source: UK (M)
wad (2)

Entered verbatim: This word was very versatile. It could be used on its one to describe an idiot, fool or any other hated type of person. It was also commonly paired up with terms such as dick, dork, fuck and so on. To be a dick-wad, dork-wad or fuck wad was to be the lowest. Literally one was labeled a wad of dick (or whatever), in other words, a whole bunch of dick or extreme idiot.

(ed: so now you know!)

Source: circa 1970's, CAN (Ont)
wad bombs

At the contributors Lincolnshire secondary school, they called Wasp Shits, Wad Bombs (pronounced Wod-Bombs).

Wadbombs were almost always fired with a 6 inch ruler (never 12 inch), or sometimes with the barrel of a biro. Often coloured, wadbombs would be used on white ceilings for maximum effect, and often paper was substituted for a chewed Bubbaloo sweet. One particular wad bomb remained on the physics room ceiling for at least seven years.

Often, games revolved around attempting to fire wad bombs at a model human body (maximum points gained if the head was struck), trying to create the loudest sound by flicking a massive, sopping wet wadbomb on the ceiling during a quiet part of the lesson, all-out wadbomb wars involving firing wadbombs at point-blank range at someones face, and most dangerous off all, attempting to fire small wadbombs right in front of the teacher's face as they wrote on the blackboard, with their backs us. Only one boy succeeded, and was praised for the rest of his school career, for superb aim, technique, and above all, balls.

See also: wasp shit
Source: circa ??, UK (E)

(1) stack of folded paper money.

(2) ejaculate.

(3) a bag of tobacco or marhijuana.

Source: UK

Used to disguise the word wanker. In this way, you could call someone a wagner in front of a teacher and they couldn't do you, when really you meant wanker. This word is used in schools now. It is mostly used when in class near a teacher or figure of authority.

Source: UK (SE)

To abscond from school without permission e.g. "he wagged it yesterday".

Source: UK (NW, M)

To sing well - "Their female lead can wail!"

Source: circa 1997, USA
walking on water

Not someone performing miracles, more a description of a time when everything goes right, e.g "Talk about jammy! He should've been crippled making a move like that but he was walking on water that day!

Source: UK
wallace and gromit

Vomit. Rhyming slang.

Source: UK

Used to call small fat kids with hairy bodies. Often referred to as beast's or ogre's.

Source: circa 1980's, UK

Policemen in uniform.

See also: blue heeler
Source: circa 1900 - current, AUS

Milder than a twat but still stupid.

Source: UK

The sort that's facilitates a grope around without producing the feeling you've dislocated your wrist.

Source: UK

Person who masturbates to excess. Mutation derived from 'wanker'. Usually shouted/spoken in comedic manner, e.g. 'wannnguuuuuuuurrr!!'

See also: Wank
Source: UK

Another word for a penis. Highly popularized after the second "Austin Powers" movie. It's also a very flexible word: Wanger (one who 'wangs'), Wangy (tasting of wang), etc:

Commonly remembered, in some towns, for being used in a song performed by a group of schoolkids called 'Chinny Reck On'. It went something like this :
Oh Wang Oh Wang, castration's a dirty word,
Oh Wang Oh Wang, I love the way you proturb.etc

(ed: if anyone has the rest of the words for this we'd love to load them in as well!)

Source: circa 1950's - current, USA
wank bank

(1) A stash of pornos usually in older brothers bedroom i.e "I was looking through Gaz's wank bank the other day".

(2) Similarly, when a young guy sees a hot chic he might say to himself "That's one I'll store in the wank bank".

Source: circa 1990 - 2000, UK
wank tanks


Source: UK