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As in a male that goes back and forth between men and women, Joey is such a YO-YO about his sexual preference.
Source: circa 2000, USA
Nineteeth-century expressions for penis.
  1. 012
    To embarrass publicly.
    Source: [1960's]
  2. n.
    A quickly organized protest.
  3. To cause a disturbance, by boycotting.
  4. Protesting by flooding phone line or fax machine with with complaints.
zipper club
An orgy room in a bar, bathhouse, or toilet.
See also: back room
zoo queen
  1. colloq.
    One with a sexual attraction, and need for animals. bestiality in which the person wants to have sex with an animal
  2. Gay animal lover. [You are turning into a zoo queen you are getting so many animals!]
  3. A person who wants to be treated like an animal. Common behavior is wearing a collar and even eating out of an animal's dish.
  4. Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boys, under the age of consent. [He finds the boy at the zoo!]
An old prostitute zoo number: one with a sexual attraction, and need for animals.
Source: [fr pros sl]
The name under which the North American Man/Boy Love Association, [NAMBLA] is incorporated under.