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Can Be Had. Term used in late 90's regarding cruising in a mixed environment such as upscale supermarket or mall, where there has been some eye contact between a gay man and another of either bi-sexual persuasion or even out with his family [That one standing in the cereal section for the past 15 minutes is definitely a C.B.H.]
Masturbation to erotic fantasies such as a dream partner.

Source: [prison terminology]
cabin boy
Boys as young as ten or 12 years old served aboard ships. While at sea, boys lived with adult crewmembers, ate and slept with, served their needs. The use of cabin boys as sexual partners was common place aboard ships, but was not universally accepted.

Source: [seventeenth-century]
  1. n.
    Man who fucks in anal intercourse.

  2. The end man in a chain fuck one man fucking another man who is fucking another man.

  3. The rectal opening; the anus.

  4. The buttocks.

    See also: ass
Car. This is an example of the polari underground gay language.

Source: [British Merchant Marine.]
  1. 012
    To laugh at anothers' misfortunes. [cackle on. your day will come when things go bad for you and no one will be there to help you.].

  2. adj.
    Gab cacky: ugly, repulsive.

Ugly, repulsive.

A white-slaver.

Source: [fr pros sl]
cafe curtains
A short foreskin that partially covers about 40%-60% of the glans of the penis. The corona is always covered. When fully retracted there often may be a whiff of smegna detected, but not as breathtaking as full curtains or drapes produce with a full head of cheese.

An orgy room in a bar, bathhouse, or toilet.

See also: Backroom, Baths, orgy room, pig room, zipper club
A gloomy apartment or hotel.

Source: [fr pros sl]
cake boy
A gay man.

  1. n.
    The rectal opening; the anus.

  2. The buttocks.

    See also: ass
calendar kid
  1. colloq.
    A whore, one that has many engagements in one day, unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a boy or young man for sexual intercourse; one that needs to have sex all the time.

    See also: whore
    Source: [kwn SF 70s]
  2. A boy that is trying to make a profession out of prostitution.

  3. Any boy under the age of consent.

  4. Teenager, boyish, adolescent juvenile, young-looking, youthful.

    See also: chicken
  5. Someone in a pornographic film, book magazine or calendar.

call boy
Hustler; a male prostitute.

call house
A brothel where one can engage a male or female prostitute by telephone; escort service.

call it
  1. colloq.
    To tell the position to pose for a photo [you call it- am I supposed to pose this way or in the nude?

  2. To hold a business dicussion with a paying customer a male prostitute..the customer and the hustler sets the amout the hustler will receive for the sex acts desired.

    Source: [hustler sl]
call joint
A brothel where one can engage a male or female prostitute by telephone; escort service.

call Ripley
Disbelief ["Call Ripley! Ray do give really honestly think that I could believe that line"].

call Wardrobe
Statement of complaint. [Call wardrobe! look at you girl].

To claim ownership. ("I call shotgun!").

Plainclothes cops.

Homosexual who goes from one tragic love episode to another.

camp it up
To overact in an affected manner.

camp names
Girls' names exchanged for boys' names and vice versa.

John delivers a lively, cutting-edge, sometimes silly soliloquy. He can shift from class to crass in the blink of a lie. Drawing on his experience of living in virtually every "gay-hood" on the Coast, he puts a decidedly lavender and delightfully laughable spin on every aspect of life in the 90’s…from grocery shopping to romance. Phone # 1-888-669-7234

Source: [1998 - hosted by John O’Neil, the "Queen of the Airwaves."]
campfire girls
A squadron of soldiers on leave.

  1. adj.
    Homosexuals Effeminate.

  2. Overtly homosexual.

  3. Flamboyantly displaying effeminate mannerisms.

  4. To mimic the opposite sex knowingly or not.

  5. To act flamboyantly effeminate or girlish with a group of fellow homosexuals.

  6. Baby talk.

  1. n.
    Young men or boy wearing the costume of a women in a play.

    Source: [16th century England theatrical]
  2. adj.
    An effeminate style and mannerism affected mainly by 'gays'.

  3. A form of humor popular among queers of many kinds. Camp is highly satirical, sometimes to the point of meanness.
  4. Banality so extreme it is funny.

  5. To talk in an affected nasal voice.

  6. To mimic or exaggerate female mannerisms.

Uncircumcised penis.

See also: blind, blind as a boiled turnip, nearsighted, skinned, traf