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Transsexual a person, who is preparing to undergo or has undergone female to male sexual reassignment surgery.
For the word Fuck. use by some one that funds the word fuck to be offensive [I do not use the F-word].
See also: fuck
Source: [1960's]
face cream
Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm.
See also: come, semen
face fucker
  1. colloq.
    A very attractive young gay guy who uses his looks for his own advantages. seeking physical relations with men, for money, or a place to live. 3. the one that have the sex act fellatio performed on. [I am a face fucker, so come and suck my dick.] Synonyms: fellatio
  2. Attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing an act sex in a public.
    See also: fairy hawk
  3. The one that have the sex act fellatio performed on. [I am a face fucker, so come and suck my dick.].
Very attractive features.
Source: [fm. polari slang, Br. merchant marine]
facultative homosexuality
A heterosexual man in prison may display homosexual leanings, and have sexual desire and act on them, by seeking physical relations with men in prison, from which he will happily turn to a heterosexual life, when he is freed from prison.
A black person who prefers white friends and sex partners.
fag bag
A woman married to a homosexual.
fag hag
  1. colloq.
    A hetersosexual woman who seeks or prefers the company of a male homosexual.
  2. A woman, bisexual or lesbian who prefers the company of a gay man (or many gay men), regardless of her sexual orientation.
fag stag
Heterosexual male who enjoys the company of homosexual males.
Source: [recently coined term]
  1. n.
    See also: [1980's]
  2. adj.
    A teenage homosexual.
  1. n.
    A male homosexual.a term applied to gays during the Inquisition when they were burned along with witches. The first record use of the word faggot in the USA was, in reference to homosexuals, was 1914 in a vocabulary of criminal slang published in Portland Oregon.
    Source: [From the Latin word meaning bundle of sticks]
  2. A derogatory and insensitive term for gay men.
  3. Gay men sometimes use it affectionately with each other.
Faggot Princess
One that acts like a stereotypical effeminate gay person. Example: A person that spends 10 seconds saying helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo when picking up the phone or always using a wrist-drop move.
A male homosexual.
A male homosexual.
The stereotype effeminate homosexual. [you look faggy tonight.].
  1. n.
    Man who teaches boys how to be dishonest.
    Source: [fr Charles Dicken's character Fagin in Oliver Twist]
  2. Man who teaches boys how to make a profession out of prostitution.
  3. Chicken freak: one with a sexual need for young men.
  4. Chicken hawk; Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent.
  5. A man that runs a chicken-house; club or coffeehouse catering to young homosexual, too young for taverns.
  1. colloq.
    An effeminate boy or man; the stereotype effeminate homosexual. Many of the synonyms for effeminate are largely heterosexual in origin.
    Source: [1920s]
  2. n.
    The boy servant of a public-school upperclassman, and inferentially his catamite.
    Source: [British]
  3. n.
    A cigarette.
A group of effeminate homosexual.
Fairy Go Round
A cruising area (in a car) where people just keep going around and around.
See also: Fruit Loop
fairy godmother
A male tutor and initiator.
fairy hawk
  1. colloq.
    Attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing an act sex in a public.
  2. Attractive, young man or boy, use by the criminal element to entrap gay men into performing an act of sex to blackmail them.
  3. Attractive, young man or boy, use by the gay bashers to trap gay men so they could beat them up.
fairy lady
  1. colloq.
    A lesbian who takes a passive role in sex. half-and-half.
  2. Bisexual.
  3. Sexually interested in both men and women.
  4. A homosexual who is able to fuck or be fucked.
  5. Fellatio plus in anal intercourse.
fairy's [fairies]
  1. colloq.
    A group of effeminate homosexual.
  2. A group of effeminate homosexual imaginary being, the gay fairies.
  1. n.
    Effeminate homosexual.
    Source: [early 1900's]
  2. An effeminate person.
fall for
To become a lover of. [I do not know why I had to fall for you.]
Source: [early 1900's]
fallen star
An elderly male homosexual.
Gay or Lesbian, often use to refer to people who are also gay. ["He's family," meaning he is gay.].
Source: [early 1980's]
family jewels
The male genitals.
The buttocks, ass.
Source: [1920s]