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This word is formed from, "gay and radar" to describe the ability of one gay person to recognize or find another gay person.
Synonym: radar
See also: gaydar
Source: [1980's]
Having more than seven inches of cock.
In anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.
See also: top
  1. colloq.
    An occasion when several males do the the sex act fuck, serially with one man.
  2. A group sex orgy.
Several men taking turns fucking one who is held down: mass rape.
  1. n.
    A boy kept for sex.
  2. A young man beloved by an older man.
  3. Younger partner in a pederastic relationship.
  4. Reference to any male homosexual.
    Source: [Middle Ages sl]
  5. In Greek mythology, Ganymede was the Trojan boy that was so beautiful that Zeus, the father of the gods, kidnapped him and made him his lover and cup-bearer.
  1. n.
  2. The pants or clothes that is over the cock.
garbage woman
Unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse, one that needs to have sex all the time.
See also: whore
  1. n.
    One that is not an anally virgin, that has been fucked.
    Source: [prison slang]
  2. Prison prostitute.
  3. Prison sexually oppressed constantly raped victim.
  4. Any young or inexperienced boy.
  5. To be a bottoms: the men who prefers the passive role in anal intercourse the man who is fucked, as opposed to the one who is doing the fucking.
  6. Homosexual regarded only as a sex partner.
gay bashers
Group of teenagers or men harassing gay men, and assaulting them. [Hey, how's about some gay bashing? Let's go kick the shit out of the faggot's.].
The harassment of homosexuals physically or verbally.
gay Bob:
The first gay doll. the doll was anatomically correct was sold wearing earring, plaid shirt, jeans,and boots.
Source: [1978]
gay cat
A homosexual boy; catamite.
gay chicken
A homosexual teenager.
Gay Christian
A homosexual that Believes in the faith of Christianity.

Being this Dictionary is a word study I offer this article I wrote before I left Christianity and became a Pagan. Words have been used against the gay and lesbian committee for centuries. And for many gay Christians, word studies have been there relief from the pain of homophobia.

gay dirt
  1. colloq.
    Attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing an act sex in a public.
  2. Attractive, young man or boy, use by the criminal element to entrap gay men into performing an act of sex to blackmail them.
    See also: rat
  3. Attractive, young man or boy, use by the gay bashers to trap gay men so they could beat them up.
  4. Admitted homosexual who betrays or robs fellow homosexuals.
gay for pay
  1. colloq.
    A man who identifies himself as heterosexual, who will perform gay sex acts with a partner for money.
    Source: [1990's]
  2. A young homosexual, that is denying that he is gay. But justifies having gay sex when money is involved. [I am straight, only gay for pay.].
gay girl
Male prostitute.
gay lib
The movement that advocates the protection and rights of homosexual persons.
Gay Liberation
The movement that advocates the protection and rights of homosexual persons.
gay milk bar
Club or coffeehouse catering to young homosexual,too young for taverns.
gay plague
Gay right bill
HR 5452, On March 23, 1975 a gay right bill was in the United States Congress, but was not pasted.
Gay youthism
Is the belief that older people are inferior. Looked upon as inferior in attractiveness, appearance, intelligence, and sexually.
See also: ageism
Source: [1970's]
gay zombie
Completely controlled by ones sexual drive. Always seeking sex, you find this type cruising parks, rest stops, Bathhouses, bars, and sex clubs.
Source: [late 1990's]
A young gay male, with cute face, stylish dresser, and warm personality, ie the perfect man. Can be telescoped to include all gay men everywhere. [Oh look, what a darling gaybie!].
Source: [late 1990's]
Like radar - but used to finding gay people.i.e "My gaydar is going off heaps - is this a gay bar?".
Blackmail, bribery, and extortion paid by homosexuals and homosexual businesses, to police. [the bar didn't pay gayola so the cops closed the bar.].
  1. adj.
    Young men or boy wearing the costume of a women in a play. [send in the Gay.]
    Source: [16th century England theatrical]
  2. adj.
    Happy excitement, merry. 1800 It was used as a synonym for happy by Chaucer in the 14th century.
  3. 012
    To be inadequate or displeasing; TO SUCK. something bad or unacceptable. ["that's so gay" or "that's gay."] ("That movie was fucking gay.")

    Note: In the late 1990s the teen culture started using the word gay to represent something not acceptable to their standards. From the late 1960's gay was associated with homosexuality, to most of society homosexuality was unacceptable and considered bad, so the word gay has transformed itself into something bad or unacceptable.

    Source: [USA 1990's]
  4. Gay boy a trap younger homosexual lover.
    Source: [1950's (geycat), 1930's & 40's hobo slang]
  5. A person leading a loose and immoral life.
    Source: [1637]
  6. Prostitute , it was sometimes used to refer to female hookers. A "gay house" was a brothel.
    Source: [1825]
  7. To be convalescent, or in good health.
    Source: [late 19th century]
  8. Homosexual man.6.
    Source: [16th century]
  9. “Gay" was first used to in USA Literature and movie's, refer to a male homosexual in the 1933 play "Young and Evil." Cary Grant used it in the 1938 movie "Bringing up Baby" to refer to a transvestite. Cary Grant exclaims, "I've Just gone gay all of a sudden" to explain why he is wearing a fur-trimmed nightgown.
    Source: [1933, 1938, Gershn Legman and G.V. Henry mentioned the term gay in their book Sexual Variations (1941)]
  10. New Yorkers were using "gay" by World War II as a alternative to "Queer," "pansy," and "fairy." The term gay did not become widely familar to the general public, until the Stonewall riot of June 28, 1969 by 1974 the word "gay" meant both "gay and lesbian" (e.g. the lesbians who were active in the Gay Liberation Front preferred calling themselves Gay rather than Lesbian). But the general public used gay, in ways that ignored or excluded women, so gay women favored the word "lesbian. A 1995 survey in the Advocate, 34 percent preferred to called "gay women."
  11. Lively or bright.