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Virgin ass.
vacuum cleaner
  1. colloq.
    A good cocksucker.
    Source: [Brit gay slang]
  2. A man that attraced sexual to sucking on the heck of the man or boy that he is with, giving a hicky.
vacuumed up
  1. colloq.
    Murdered, killed.
  2. Died.
Source: [camp]
Vagina Littlefinger
A snob, one who thinks that wealth, education or good looks, are very important, and has contempt for those he considers inferior. [He's a Vagina Littlefinger, and thinks his shit is made of gold].
Source: [camp]
The crevice between buttock cheeks.
Source: [early 1950's]
  1. n.
    A man that attraced sexually to sucking on the neck of the man or boy that he is with, giving a hicky.
  2. Another homoseual who gets the trick that you are working to get.
  3. Old man with a sexual need for young men.
  4. One that go out to locate sex in the very early hours of the morning.
    See also: creature of the night
  5. Male homosexual who habitually takes away another homosexuals lover or date.
    See also: Black Widow, burglar, dragon lady, spider lady
  6. Male homosexual one with a sexual attraction, and need for sadistic pleasure in biting nipples, shoulders and buttocks.
  7. Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent.
    See also: paedophile
vampire run
One that go out to locate sex, in the very early hours of the morning.
Van Dyke
Traces of a moustache on a lesbian.
An organization for street hustlers. In 1966 young male street hustlers organized themselves in San Francisco.
  1. n.
    White, Caucasian [I like vanilla when it comes to love making but chocolate is ok for friends].
    Source: [1980's]
  2. adj.
    Expression for non-penetrative sex.
  3. Conventional sex with connotation of boring.
  4. Sex that does not incoprorate any S/M or other sexual play.
  1. colloq.
    One that is sexually, top or bottom, being passive or active. [Eric is versatile, gives as well as recieves.].
  2. One that is bisexual.
very tasty
Good looking man or boy.
A euphemism for the male genitals.
Source: [Bible]
Veterans Benevolent Association
One of the first gay organization, was organized in New York City in the 1940s.
A commercial drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction. For men who cannot get or sustain a stiff erection, Viagra may be the new gold standard.
Vice Versa
The first lesbians magazine produce by Lisa Ben. Beginning in June of 1947, she produced nine editions with only ten copies of each edition.
victimless crimes
Crimes without victims, addressing issues of abortion, drug addiction, homosexuality. [Homosexuality is a victims crime.].
Source: [1960's]
vile affections
  1. colloq.
    Biblical term for homosexuality. The ultra-reactionary (and arguably the meanest-spirited people in the world) far-right wing of Christian gay bashers have read the Bible as condeming homosexuality. What are their arguments?
  2. 1."Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind," says Lev. 18:22, for "it is abomination." Lying with womankind--that is, reproducing--was the first of God's laws ("Be fruitful and multiply" [Gen. 1:28]), and what probably made homosexuality among the Hebrews abominable was the fact that it was no way to go about reproducing. It was a waste of seed and contrary to the created order of things, God having made man "male and female" (Gen. 1:27 )--"Adam and Eve," as someone has said, "not Adam and Steve"--that they might propagate as commanded.
  3. 2.The book of Leviticus later specifies the penalty for homosexual lovers: if a man lies "with mankind, as he lieth with a woman," both men "shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them" (20:13).
  4. 3.In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul includes homosexuality under what he terms "vile affections": he deplores men "leaving the natural use of the woman," lusting instead for one another, "men with men working that which is unseemly" (Rom. 1:24-27). In the same passage Paul also attacks women lying with women, in the only reference to lesbian activity in the Bible.
  5. The Bible's view of homosexuality thus appears to be unequivocally negative. Little wonder that there are no homosexual biblical characters--at least none who are "out." (On the apparent exception of the men of Sodom and Gibeah, see sodomy.) It has been long conjectured that David and King Saul's son Jonathan were more than good buddies. We are told that there was a "covenant" between them (1 Sam. 20:8), that Jonathan "delighted much in David" (19:2), that each loved the other "as he loved his own soul" (2 Sam. 18:1, 20:17), and that during their last meeting "they kissed one another, and wept one with the other" (20:41). On the death of his "brother" Jonathan, David laments, "Very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women" (2 Sam. 1:26). (Since David certainly did not pass up loving women, any sexual relationship with Jonathan would mean that David was bisexual. He may have married Michal for power, Abigail perhaps for her wealth, and as an old man he was impotent with Abishag, but the attraction of Bathsheba was hormonal.)

    The Rev. John Williams, author of Just As I Am: A Practical Guide to Being Out, Proud, and Christian, is convinced that Jesus Christ was gay. The evidence Williams cites includes the fact that Jesus had no wife (highly unusual for a rabbi of his time), and had in his company the so-called beloved disciple, an unidentified follower in the Gospel of John whom "Jesus loved" and who "was leaning on Jesus' bosom" at the last supper. The sexual orientation of the Apostle Paul, a celibate who attacks homosexuality but suffers from some "thorn in the flesh" (2 Cor. 12:7), has also been a subject of speculation.

    [See Bible and Sex for a further discussion. I should mention that the author concludes that the Bible forbids homosexual sex. I cannot find bona fide scholar who says the Bible condemns same-sex love.] [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]