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A Cannibal King

(ed: I think this is either a skipping song, or another handclapping song - if the latter... anyone know the sequence of claps?)

A Cannibal King with a big nose ring
Fell in love with a dusty maiden
And every night by the pale moonlight
Off to the lake he waded

He hugged and kissed his pretty little miss
Under the bamboo tree
And every night by the pale moon light
Sounds like this to me..

Carumph *kiss* *kiss* (the noise)
Carumph *kiss* *kiss* (the noise)
Carumph ah dee la dee la de da (Repeat)

We'll build a bungalow big enough for two,
Big enough for two my honey, big enough for two.
And when we're in it how happy we'll be,
Under the bamboo, under the bamboo tree

(Sing the following as fast as you can)

If you'll be M-I-N-E mine,
I'll be T-H-I-N-E thine,
And I'll L-O-V-E love you
All the T-I-M-E time

You are the B-E-S-T best of all the R-E-S-T rest
And I'll L-O-V-E love you all the T-I-M-E time!

We'll mow them down!

Steven says he heard this slightly different version:

We always sang it as:
Fell in love with a sweet young maid,
This is what I heard him say,