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ching chong chinaman, chin chin chinaman

(ed: yet another poem with slight racist overtomes highlighting a play on words:)

Ching Chong Chinaman sitting on the grass,
Along came a bumblebee and stung him on his..
Ask no questions, tell no lies,
I saw a policeman doing up his...
flies are a nuisance, bugs are even worse,
And this is the end of my silly little verse.

(this another version, a rhyme from someone who's daughter went off to a City Farm to learn how to milk a cow. He seemed think this would make a nice career for her - though I think that was his sarcasm kicking in!)

Ching chong china man went to milk a cow.
Ching chong china man didnt know how.
Ching chong china man pulled the wrong tit.
Ching chong china man got covered in shit.

(Yet another version with a slightly different name:)

Chin Chin Chinaman

Chin chin chinaman bought a little shop
And all he sold was peppermint rock
He wee'd in a bottle and called it pop
Chin chin chinaman bought a little shop

(And Ginevra sent in the following from 1970's Sydney:)

Ching Chong Chinaman sitting on the fence,
Trying to make a dollar out of 55 cents
But he missed,
Just like this.

Note: It accompanied a clapping game, but she's forgotten the sequence. Anyone help out here?

Source: circa. 1950's, UK