Seedy Songs and Rotten Rhymes - the poetry of the playground

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on top of old smokie

(Sung to the song of the same name)

Version 1:

On top of Old Smokie,
All covered in grass,
There sat a bald eagle,
Scratching his...
Don't be mistaken,
Don't be misled,
Cos that bald-headed eagle
Was scratching his head

Version 2:(Back when kids only talked about shooting people)

On top of Old Smokey
All covered in blood
I shot my poor teacher
With a 44 slug

Version 3:

On top of old smokey all covered in sand
I shot my poor teacher with a big rubber band
I shot her with pleasure, I shot her with pride
I just couldn't miss her, she's forty foot wide
I went to her funeral, I wept at her grave
Some people threw flowers, I threw a grenade
The coffin went up, the coffin went down
The coffin went plllt! All over the ground
I looked at the body, she still wasn't dead
So I got a bazooka and I blew off her head