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daddy/boy relationship

  1. n.
    Intergenerational relationships, a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself, and the other person prefers a love partner much younger.

    For more infor: Male Intergenerational Intimacy (1991) edited by Theo Sandfort, Ph.D.; Edward Brogersma, JD; and Alex van Naerssen, Ph.D.

  2. In the S/M and leather community, the term "boy" usually translates into "bottom." "Bottom," in anal intercourse the man who penetrated, the term has no relationship to the age of the person, it is not uncommon for a boy in the relationship to be older than his partner. A top "sons" could be old enough to be parther his father.
  3. A lover that have been was legally adopted by his older lover, daddy, complete with all legal benefits, this is away around the ban on gay marriage. And, is well-used by the gay committee