rack v. A kick to the testicles. Racking is when a boy is kicked in the privates. Girls use it as a threat, but many girls have racked a boy at one time or another. e.g. "Leave me alone or I'll rack you!!". Not surprisingly, this usually has the effect of making a young male take a few steps back out of close range. c.f. rectun ranger US

rack n. Female breasts when looked at as a 'matching pair'. Used as "Good afternoon Miss. May I compliment you on your possession of an excellent rack!" (note: this sentence is usually followed close on by a smack around the face)

rack off!! n. Used e.g. "Please go away you are annoying me." AU

radge n. a fit, getting angry or lashing out. UK (NE)

radged adj. Mental, in a daft state of mind. Used as "Are you radged?". circa. 1980's = 90's UK (NE, NW)

radgie gadgie, radgeheed n. Someone prone to flying off the handle; unstable or crazed. UK (NE)

(off his...) rag adj. Someone who has lost their temper cf. lost it, doing a loonie UK (Wa)

(on the ...) rag adj. Indicates being in the midst of a menstrual cycle... has come to connote being cranky. US

Raghead n. Vaguely insulting and derogatory terms for anyone who wears a turban - especially if of Arab extraction. The sort of people who use this term pronounce Arab with the emphasis on the 'A' making the word 'A-rab'. circa. 1990's USA, UK, AUS

ragtops n. convertable cars circa. 1980's USA

Rag Week id. That 'time of the month' when a female is in the period of menstration. If a female got aggressive during this time it would be said that it must be "rag week". (c.1980-90s), circa. 1960's onwards UK

Rag Week id. A period of the University year dedicated to the raising of money for charity by students. Generally it involves production of a 'joke book' of varying levels of humour which is supported (by advertising) by assorted local businesses and sold in pubs, shops and on the streets during the Rag Week procession. This follows a 'theme' such as 'Give til it hurts' and involves students dressing (or undressing) in a weird an wonderful variety of clothes and then getting totally pissed or stoned in the local afterwards. Good fun! circa. 1930's onwards UK

rahom n. Not good, unpleasant event. Typically used as "oh Rahom" if something has displeased you, typically used with a roll of the hand in the "wanker" position turned through 90 degrees. circa. 1960's UK (S)

rammy n. Basically it meant a minature riot. Usuall location for these was in school corridors. Situation arose when crownds of children tried to pass each other when there too little room to do so easily. Usual times for a rammy to occur was between classes and occasionally when people tried to skip the lunch queue. c.f. bundle UK (Sc)

Ramp n. Scruffy, smelly obnoxious tramp (the hobo not the female with liberated sexual attitudes). Rhymes with tramp, first used in a rather delightful poem about an old tramp called Harry Ramp:

"Harry Ramp,
The parafin lamp,
Was a dirty bamp..."

(ed: no idea if there are more lines or verses. Would appreciate them if there are any to send in) c.f. bamp, tramp circa. 1980's UK (NE)

ramp, the n. Landmark found in most provincial towns, consisting of a BMX stunt ramp put up by the council in 1986 exactly when the last BMX was sold, used briefly by skateboarders in the early 1990s and now a hangout for junior druggies featured on the cover of the local paper every year with the headline "DRUG-INFESTED EYESORE MUST GO". cf. BMX, bran

rank adj. Gross, awful, stinking, awful. circa. 1950's UK

rape v & n. 1) The act of removing an item of girls clothing (usu. a cardigan or coat) against her will. 2) The act of grasping or holding a girl (usu. by the arm) and attempting to touch other parts of her with a spare hand. UK (SE)

raps n. punishment, also "game" in which one person's clenched fist is held out and 'rapped' with a deck of cards until blistering/bleeding occurs. UK (NE)

rat arsed adj. State of utter inebriation. Drunk as a skink! circa. 1970's UK

rats arse id. Term used to add emphasis to a statement, usually used with negative connotations, for example "She cried for an hour when I dumped her but she'd pissed me off so much I really couldn't give a rats arse about her!" circa. 1970's onwards UK (Wal)

razor n. stylish f. another word for stylish is 'sharp', so razor implies someone extra sharp. USA

real mint n. great, good to look at, fine looking CAN

Rear gunner n. homosexual circa. 1980's UK

rec, (the...) reccy n. abbr. recreation ground UK

rectum ranger (... raider) n. homosexual c.f. rump ranger (ed: and dozens of other words in here) UK

red-arse game. One student acts as a target by bending over, his 'arse' being the target that the remaining students then attempt to turn 'red' by kicking a football or similar in that direction. The redness of the 'arse' remains, as far as I can tell, undetermined as it stays clothed throughout. Contributor says it is a relative of the game he played at school called 'Dancing Dollies' but neglected to send information in on it. circa. 2000+ UK (NE)

red head adj. (1) Person with ginger hair. (2) A passionate person who is spontaneous and gets enraged easily, circa. 1940's onwards USA, UK

redneck n. insulting term for someone from "deep south" of USA so by extension anyone who you think is uneducated and possibly engaged to their brother/sister *(just like his/her mother/father). UK (W)

red route adj. Menstruation. Usually used in second person as in "She can't do anything tonight (i.e. sex) she's red route.". Quite common to be used in consultations with patients in A&E.
Q: Is it possible you could be Pregnant?
A: No i'm red route.

circa. 1980's+ UK

red rover n. Popular game where two teams face each other in lines across the tarmac, one member of each team in turn running across and trying to force past the linked hands of the opposing team. Those who are caught join the other team, and this carries on until usu. one hard case is left and has to survive on his own until the bell goes or he gets beaten up for being a smug twat. cf. monkey grip

red wings n. Award given by the Hell's Angels motorcycle club to ones who give oral sex to a women who either 1) has her period on him or 2) gets her "cherry popped". circa. 1950's UK

reggie n. to grasp and twist someones nipple(s) UK (We)

rehctub adj. Word used by Australian Butchers which forms part of a vernacular system (which is used exclusively by Australian Butchers) that is known as 'rehctub'.(pronounced retch e tub) Quite simply 'rehctub' is the voicing of words backwards. (rehctub means butcher talk) It is used in general conversation whilst at work, and part of the perceived benefit is that customers will be unaware as to what is being said about them or the product which they are purchasing.

Some common examples are as follows: tnuc - cunt; esra (pronounced ez ray) - arse; tsubs - bust(breats); gels - legs; ckuf (pronounced cuff) - fuck; toor - root; gaf - fag, as in a homosexual, lup - pull, as in to masturbate; ekoms - smoke, as in a cigarette.

An example of few sentences may be: "Hey tnuc (cunt) did you teg (get) a toor (root) last night?", "Look at the esra (arse) on that dooger. (good, as in good looking) I'ld love to cuff (fuck) her!", "I'm just going out for an ekoms, (smoke) I might have a lup (pull) while I am at it.". circa. 1960's+ AUS

release the hounds. v. defecate cf. clip a steamer, drop the kids off USA

release the sluice v. At anytime, when things start to get crazy, the sluice is released. It could be drinking, the formulation of a cool plan, or just general excitement. Shouts of 'RELEASE THE SLUICE' is often accompanied by the thrusting of an open palm, into the ribs of your conspiritors, your elbow tight against your hibs/ribs. tidy la..., Only used by desperados circa. 2000 UK (NW)

rem n. someone quite thick f. prob. remedial (as in "remedial classes") c.f. remhead UK (We)

remhead n. someone who require remedial reading classes at school. UK (We)

Remploy n. A 'remploy' is someone demonstrating less than average intelligence / ability. It refers to the Remploy company which provides employment for less able members of society. circa. current UK (NW)

renob adj. Boner spelled backwards. Said this way it confuses teachers. circa. current UK

rib-a rib-da n. To express utter annoyance in someone's stupidity. USA

Riceboy n. Someone who drives a car imported from an Asian country and has 'improved' it with spoilers, skirts, oversized mag wheels and 'go faster' stripes. Has usually added a sound system more suitable to a nightclub and drives up and down trying to impress girls with the music blaring so loud it damages the hearing of passers-by two streets away. Usually considered to be a sad poser. c.f.. Ricerocket circa. 1998+ AUS

Ricerocket n. Imported car built in Asian country driven typically by a young Asian man. (Usually a Honda with techno blasting out, and an amplified muffler). c.f. Riceboy circa. 1998+ USA

ride the short bus adj. Retarded, mentally deficient in some way. Describes someone the Brits might call an eppy or leper. Refers to the smaller yellow school buses in America that are typically reserved for retarded or special education children. Ex. "Man, I bet he rides the short bus." circa. 2001 USA (S)

rikker, rikker action n. The anus. e.g. "I split her rickker with me python.". Used in the North West. Rickker action = anal sex UK

rim job, rimmer v. orally stimulating the anus circa. 1980's+ USA

rinchy adj. Very drunk circa. 1990's IRE

ring raider adj. sodomite, homosexual, one who indulges in the activity of anal intercourse, Used in the playground to indicate if you are unsure of a persons sexuality e.g. "Watch him... he's a bit of a Ring Raider" UK

ring-sting adj. the results of excreting stools heavily impregnated with chilli or last nights curry. c.f. bum-burner UK (Scot)

ringpiece n. adj. arsehole, idiot UK

roaming goalies, roman goalies n. local name variation of Rush Goalies c.f. Rush Goalies circa. 1980's UK (NE)

roast n. Can't do better that enter this submission verbatim:

someone who asks a stuped ? or says something stuped or thinks that they are right about something and they are acctually wrong you would say "thats a roast" and you hit them on they hand but if it was really stuped then you do it even harder and punch the hand if it is really really stuped.

circa. 2002 USA

rock n. Basketball. This is a very common word for a basketball in high schools. circa. 1987 - 91 USA

Rocker n. A person who preferred to listen and dance to rock 'n roll music than that favoured by their avowed enemies the 'mods'. Rockers generally wore tight trousers or jeans, with thick soled shoes and had longish hair often greased back into D.A. hairstyles. The rocker was actually the 1960's successor of the 'Teddy Boy' of the 1950's, who in turn had been the inheritors of the style from the pre-WW2 'Vicky Boys'.

Rockers also preferred the less than subtle charms of the motorbike which helped earn them the additional derogatory nickname of Greasers. c.f. mods, greasers, sliders circa. 1960's - 70's UK

rocket n. (added verbatim - couldn't improve this): "One is often referred to as a 'rocket' after making a ridiculous suggestion. "Why don't we do our homework at tea-time on Friday then we can have the week-end to ourselves?" "Bolt ya rocket!" "Ya fuckin' rocket!" Do you see?

There was also a practice of responding to a ridiculous suggestion with a words-and-pictures composition. "Ask your mum to go for the carry-out," would be greeted with, first,"a-rocket!" then holding the right arm at the elbow to the waist and brushing it past the ear (reminiscent of my own school's 'spazzy' motion) in shooing-away-wasp action coupled with loud raspberry. Rarely seen masterpiece." UK (Scot)

Rocket Wrist The two thick red rings around the wrist caused by masturbating to often. Girls also get this is they manually masturbate their boyfriends too frequently (ed: really? first I've heard of either of those!!) circa. 1990's USA

Rocking Horse Shit ex. Used to describe something that is a rarity, for example:

Q: Have you got any Serial to USB leads for an imac"
A: No fucking chance, they're like rocking horse shit round here mate!".
circa. 1980's+ AUS

rocks adj. Used to describe something that is very 'cool' or 'super' or 'great', etc.! We typically use it when we are excited at the result of some action that turns out very positive and successful. It is intended as a compliment of the highest degree. ie. When a coworker produces something that is technically sound, works extremely well and is well received - we might say 'you rock!' or 'that rocks!'. Drew Cary uses it in his theme song: 'Cleveland Rocks!'. circa 1990's+ USA, UK, AUS

rock spider n. sexual offender - specifically against children AUS

rocky n. 1). an erection 2). one who removes things from wastepaper baskets/ rubbish bins, for personal gain. These would include apple cores, half-eaten sandwiches, biscuits (later eaten by the class spesh), pens, rulers - just about anything that still had some function to the Rocky. These people would subsequently leave school and become tip-pickers (although this would be largely for monetary gain, as the intention was to sell that which they had picked up from the rubbish heap (tip). cf. bag person, scav UK (I. of Man)

rocky roofs id. In Australia, when we were kids, and most people had tin/iron roofs, we used to throw a rock on the roof, and run like hell!! Used to make a helluva noise, especially on a clear night. It was worse if you were inside the house......a good throw meant the rock would clatter down the roof, until it reached the gutter, or fell over the edge. (Ed: Submitted by 'Granny' in BP Userforum - thanks Granny) f circa. 1960's onwards AUS

roddy adj. Describes a person who masturbates frequently and openly, usually in public. circa. 1990's UK (NW)

Rodney v. Doing a "Rodney" on someone meant rubbing, or quick short strikes of your middle finger knuckle, into the head of the victim (often a brother or sister). Often used in conjunction with hair pulling. circa. 1980's UK

Rodney Walk n. Employed by 'aroused males' trying to walk with a massive erection and not getting noticed. Led to the stealing of the road sign from 'Rodney Walk' circa. 1990's UK (SW)

roger adj. Term used to refer to someone who was "not quite there" or stupid. Came from a very bad '70's made for tv movie with Julie Kavner (now Marge Simpson) and "John-Boy" from the Waltons. They played two mentally retarded adults who wanted to have a child. Julie spent a good deal of the film moaning "woggggggah" thus, the word is pronounced woggggah, not 'Roger'. God kids are cruel. circa. 1970's CAN (Ont)

roger v. To have sexual relations with. Used as "She was gagging for it last night so I rogered her for hours!" circa. 1950's UK

roll adj. To be under the effect of E (Ecstasy) made up of the elements of C11H15NO2. circa. 1990's USA

Rollerball n. game: two teams threw a tennis ball to each other attempting to throw it into the opposing goal. Possesion of the ball invited a good kicking. UK (We)

rooster-booster n. playground torture: 1) pushing thumb between first and second fingers then "screwing" 2) rubbing someone's scalp vigorously with a clenched fist cf. beano UK (SE)

root n. sexual intercourse USA, Aus

root chase v. (def. entered as submitted) Have to chase the boy and if I caught them I had to suck their roots for rest of break and give them my dinner money. But if the dinner ladies saw me I used to get told off. I love men me. (ed: yeeess..... give me a call when you have less time... ok??) UK

rope n. Marijuana f. hemp, also rhyming slang "rope - dope" UK (SE)

roundhead n. circumcised penis cf. cavalier circa. 1982 - 85 UK

Royal Princes n. the real rulers of a playground - i.e. the thugs USA

rozzer n. policeman UK

rubber match adj. Third game of a series in sports after each competing has won one game. (ed: not exactly slang but what the hell), circa. 1920's onwards UK, USA

Rugeley Surreal and rather violent game of Rugby played often with more than one ball. Involved basically kicking the shit out of everyone and everything. Was usually played on a football pitch to add to the confusion!, All we've been told about this is that someone once went down to London and passed throught Rugeley station. Further down they would have passed through Rugby station so I can only assume the similarity is from there. circa. 1980's UK (NW)

ruggit Someone a little mentally ambivalent - i.e. 'simple. Used preceded by a big Derrrrrrr (tongue in lower lip) then shouted in the imbeciles face. (Ruggits was the local 'special' school) circa. 1980's UK (SW)

rugrats n. little kids below school age, toddlers c.f. anklebiters, yukkers US

Rule Brittania poem. Lyrics to rude old schoolyard songs involving a play on words.

Rule Brittania

Three monkeys on a stick
One fell off and paralised his
Dick was a sailor
His Christian-name was Jim
His mother took kim to the pool
To see if he could swim
He sank to the bottom
He rose to the top
His mother got excited
And pulled him by the
Cock-tail shandy
7p a glass
If you don't like it
Shove it up your
Ask no questions
Tell no lies
I saw a policeman
Pulling up his
Flies are a nuisance
Bees are worse
I saw a doctor
Getting on a
Nurse my baby
Nurse it well
This is the end of my story
And all I have to tell,

This was another version sent in - you can decide which is better, or send in your own version if you remember one!:

My old man's a dust-man
'E wears a dust-man's 'at
'E took me 'round the corner,
To watch a football match
Fatty passed to Skinny
Skinny passed it back
Fatty took a rotten shot
And hit the Goalie flat.

Where was the Goalie when the ball was in the net?
Half way up the post with his balls around his neck.
On came the stretcher
On came the bed
They wrapped his bum in Pedigree Chum
And this is what he said...

Rule Britannia
Three monkeys up a stick
One fell down and paralysed his
Dick was a watchdog sitting on the grass
Along came a bumble-bee and stung him on the
Ask no questions, tell no lies
I saw a Policeman doing up his
Flies are a nuisance
Wasps are worse
This is the end of my silly little verse!
You all smell! Bad!

c.f. arsehole song circa. 1950's+

rumble n. fight. Often involving more than two people. Sometimes for fun, often more serious. f. orig. USA, spread world wide by film/play "West Side Story" UK

Rumley n. Used as an insult, meaning 'stupidity of the highest order', or to describe acts of a moronic behaviour. Derived from the term: 'Don't be a Rumley' (ed: which really doesn't help does it?? ) circa. 1990's - 2000's UK (SE)

rump ranger n. homosexual c.f. rectum ranger US

runs (the... ) adj. diarrohea c.f. squits UK

runners n. trainers, gym shoes, sneakers c.f. CAN

rush goalie n. goalie has freedom to leave penalty area (soccer) c.f. fly goalie, skeleton goalie UK (SE)

rusty crotch adj. A female of the ginger persuasion. circa. 1960's UK

Rusty Trombone v. When a women performs oral sex on a man's anus and reaches between his legs and jerks him off at the same time. It actually looks like the woman is playing a trombone. circa. 1990's USA

Rx Queen n. A female drug addict that openly engages in sexual intercourse or other immoral acts to pay for her addiction. The term is usually related to a person addicted to Pills (Pain Relievers, X) or other widely known and easy to find street drugs. Acts usually refer to oral, or vaginal intercourse. (Rx means drug) Fyi. :) I heard this word in a Deftones song, then in a magazine, now it's all around my school and in night clubs. (ed: so there ya go!) circa. 1990's USA